New Series Review: Sengoku Basara

July 28, 2009

Alrighty as some of you may know one of the newer anime series that began airing this summer was Sengoku Basara. I took the time and patience to watch Basara and all in all I believe the anime is really to be in quite honesty, isn’t all that great. However at times it was funnier than hell! Here’s my info and what I thought.. Check it out!~


Yep you got that right… it’s a game adaptation of Devil Kings by Capcom, which of course takes place in the Sengoku Period (Aka the only period of Japanese history that existed before the modern era if you get your history from games and anime). You want a plot summary you got it!…

In the bloody Warring States period of feudal Japan, many generals fought in an endless struggle for power, but one man proved to be too big a threat – The dark lord Oda Nobunaga. Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune, two young warriors from different regions who become heated rivals, begin to form an unlikely alliance with the rest of the generals to take down the Devil King.


My thoughts on Basara are simple:

1. Not a Bad anime

2. Not something I’d want to watch again

3. Funny at the ridiculously stupid battle scenes! (i.e- Yukimura vs. Masamune)

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