Online Game Review- Lord of the Rings

July 29, 2009

Lord of the Rings Online


Lord of the rings, is one of the games that you have to kinda of get into, im not going to lie the graphics are below par for the time, but than again the gameplay is spectatular.

Honestly this is one of those game where you have to go to the graphics thing and turn the knob all the way up cause lets face it the default settings for this game’s graphics are outdated but the “ultra settings” can make this game seem life like and as kilico said “the ambiance sucks you in” that statement couldn’t be anymore true. To buy the first month of gameplay is only 10 bucks and I would really advise you to invest in it cause, its not anything like wow, it is its own animal because i LOVE questing in this game unlike in wow where i just kinda of did it for the exp, I do the quests for storyline. This game is not mindless and before you shoot it down play it for free for a day, and just see what happens. This game can become something you may enjoy, not just to play but for the storyline and time you put into it.


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