Little Blonde Boys…?

August 12, 2009

Alright everyone, so here is another Anime Look-alike segment just for you! Your question is…. What do you get when you take Hotori Tadase, from Shugo Chara and give him blue eyes?…

1248113467_b2a7f4b4982028ab183bb6c2b493e97e1225715899_full -> 1248113514_b2a7f4b4982028ab183bb6c2b493e97e122571df5899_full = ?????????

You get Kujyou Kazune from the anime Kamichama Karin!


You must admit that these two cute lil blondies have an almost exact similar composition of body type. The major difference between the two is their hairline is a bit off. Other than that they could be long lost twin brothers!

56240 tadase

hehe both boys even have their “lover” they protect, although Amu(Shugo Chara) and Karin(Kamichama Karin) don’t look alike in the least, their heroic saviors sure do! :D


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