Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 7

August 13, 2009


Okay, so after last week’s little episode of background, we’re back to the island and get another clue to what’s going on with this series. This series’ set-up is indeed a bit like Higurashi, but with slight differences. Most notably that Higurashi focused at different people with each arc, while in Umineko instead keeps on looping the same story with perhaps one or two slight differences that we’re not even sure of.So this episode shows a bit more of what happened in the first half of the first episode, with the big difference here the appearance of Beatrice. At this point, it’s still not clear whether these events happened exactly the way they did in the first arc, or whether Beatrice conveniently inserted herself into the story to make it seem to Battler that she indeed existed.

Since Higurashi also was a really layered story, I also suspect something similar to happen here: the basic world has no magic whatsoever, but outside of it Beatrice’s power has free range, and her ultimate purpose seems to be to have everyone acknowledge her, and my guess would be that she tries to make everyone believe that she has magic, while in fact she doesn’t have any at all in the “real world”. This episode would then show that she managed to get accepted her powers apart from Battler, which is probably going to be the main focus of this series.

If this indeed turns out to be true, then that must mean that Beatrice is a very talented illusionist. The way that she seemed to make Maria close her eyes while turning the candy back seems to suggest that, and I assume that she used some sort of trick to prevent Maria’s mother from seeing it. While it’s a bit far-fetched, the butterflies then could be the product of some sort of optical illusion concerning holograms.

This episode also paid a bit of attention to Maria and her mother, and learn that Maria may have an issue of multiple personalities that run in her family. Perhaps Kinzou is also bothered by it, or his mysterious wife could be the key in this. It also could have spontaneously appeared with her, but in any case you could see that the two of them were related to each other in this episode. Maria’s mother at one time is the worried and caring mother, and the next moment she starts beating her own child. With that, it’s somewhat understandable for Maria to develop a split personality as well. With the way she seems to be closed in her own world, her ramblings about Beatrice could be blamed on her imagination running wild.

In any case, while this episode did build up, I liked it a lot. Beatrice could have been a bit less stereotypically evil, but overall it was a very nice episode. Oh, but one thing: I know that we’re not supposed to expect much from the graphics in this series, but could the creators in the future please try to give Battler a less constipated face when he’s angry? This isn’t Dragonball Z, or anything.

Oh, and to close off, I want to put a little disclaimer here: THIS POST IS ABOUT THE ANIME VERSION OF UMINEKO. If you want to say something about events that happen after this episode, then GO FIND A BLOG THAT COVERS THE VISUAL NOVEL AND PUT IT THERE.

I really hate to put up this warning, but I’ve personally gotten really tired of all of the visual novel fans flaunting their superior knowledge to us simple mortals who haven’t played the game yet. I’m interested in seeing the speculations of other people who haven’t played the games yet, and are also in the dark of what’s going on here. What’s the point of hearing the speculations of someone who already knows what’s going to happen?!

And sure, normally I’m not such a Nazi with this. A subtle hint of what’s going to happen next of course isn’t bad, but the problem arises with popular franchises as this one, when seemingly every single fan of the visual novel is keen to drop a small hint of what’s going on. With hundreds of “small hints” like these, it just doesn’t remain fun anymore. Not to mention the few not-so-subtle hints that float among them.

I know that I’m confused, but isn’t that the whole point of this series? Then what are you doing trying to clarify things that were meant to be completely mind-boggling?


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