Love My Goddess?

August 21, 2009

Well here goes another strange but true Anime Look-alike segment by yours truly Laura-chan! Hope you enjoy today’s Look-alike and see if you agree~


Have you ever thought that silly angel Belldandy from Oh!! My Goddess could have a twin? hehe bet you’ve never thought about this one before….

belldandy naru

Yep.. that’s right it’s Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina! Well okay, this is going to sound really somewhat stupid but the thing I found these two most similar in is the two antenna hair doinks sticking out from their heads. A pointless observation, I know, but it’s distinctive you have to admit. Anyway, besides the hair thingy, these two do look alike in many ways. Actually, I found Love Hina and Oh My Goddess quite similar. There are actually a lot of characters that seems quite similar in these two Anime; e.g. Keitaro and Keiichi, Urn and Kitsune. Okay, back to Belldandy and Naru. Besides looking alike, Naru and Belldandy are very different in personality. Naru is a violent and aggressive girl while Belldandy is gentle as a dove. But they do both do have that determined spirit, and definitely the same look.


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