Online Game Review- Flyff

August 23, 2009


FlyFF is one of the best games i have come across. It is advanced in its graphics and is definitely an addictive game. I found this off a friend of mine who is usually picky about what game he chooses so i was quite interested. I dont regret it at all.


The gameplay itself is great. Although it is a bit intimidating to start off with, you get the hang of it really quickly and everyone is really helpful, its a great community. The interface is really easy to use and there are lots of helpful tips throughout.

There are 4 classes. At the start until level 15 you are a vagrant, vagrants are the starter class. When you reach level 15 you can choose between an acrobat, assist ( healer and buffer ), mercenary or mage. Each class is very unique and has alot of different armours and weapons throughtout the levels.

But the thing i found most exciting was flying. When you reach level 20 you get the ability to fly using either a broom or a board, its not hard and theres no strings attached.


  • Many quests
  • You can fly
  • Lots of variety
  • Easy to get the hang of
  • Great PvP interface
  • Free to play
  • Dueling arena
  • A PvP server
  • Guards in PvP server so you cant get PKed in towns
  • Well over a million English players


  • Need a good internet connection
  • Strange sounds and graphics
  • If your group killing one person could steal all the loot
  • Some cash shop items should be available generally
  • Lots of updates / patches to get through after download
  • It lags every so often(but this is almost every game)



The game has a good feel to it and a good story, but in a way gives off a feeling of a weird sense of humour. The environment is a little strange with 100 metre high cogs ( yes those things in clocks ) popping up everwhere … but I could play this game all day! I highly recommend it to anyone reading this.


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