Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 9

August 27, 2009


While the first arc focused on the younger generation, this arc puts the focus at the servants, as they’re labelled as the prime suspects. This episode shows that someone killed Kanon and Jessica, dragged Kanon out of the room and locked the room afterwards. There are only six keys in existence that are able to open the lock, since Beatrice ruled out window-climbing and lock-picking with the red texts.There were two keys inside the room as it was locked: Jessica’s and Kanon’s. That means that there are four keys left, and all of them are in the possession of the four servants left alive. In this way, the most suspicious one is Gouda. He could have faked his own death in the first arc and he had no alibi for the death of Jessica and Kanon. Furthermore, Battler’s argument of how such a guy with a nice face couldn’t possibly be the murderer is weak. Try saying that to Higurashi.

However, that doesn’t really mean that one of the servants is the culprit. Have we actually seen it confirmed that all four keys are present at their owner? I think that we’ve established by now that the killer is a good pick-pocket. He could have just taken one of the servants’ keys to make it seem like they did it, which also would make more sense because it would be stupid of a servant to put the blame on himself like this. In this way, Rosa fits as the main suspect: she too could have faked her own death in the first arc, and taking charge of the situation as a leader figure does kind-of take suspicions away.

That just leaves the question as to who committed the murders here. The illusions in this series become weirder and weirder, and harder to logically explain. Previously, you could just assume that the murders on Kanon were flashy set-ups by Beatrice, but Gouda actually felt the zombie-Kanon as some sort of solid matter. Do you suppose that the killer actually used some sort of magic mushrooms in order to accomplish that?

One thing that rather annoys me about this series is how they keep censoring the gory parts. I mean, come on. Take a look at Himitsu ~The Revelation~ for example: in that series the corpses were even more disturbing, and not even an iota was censored, which really contributed to its dark and creepy mood. This show airs like, how late? 2:00 in the morning? What kid is going to be awake at that hour?


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