Cardcaptor Haruka?!

September 5, 2009

It is once again time for another Anime Look-Alike segment! This time we have the look-alike of non other than my favorite character Sakura Kinomoto!

Who could possibly take the face of our precious Cardcaptor Sakura, you ask? Well…

The culprit is none other than Haruka Suzumiya from the game/anime/manga Kimi ga Nozomu Ein!

Haruka does indeed have Sakura-chan’s face, but her story and attitude are completely different from our favorite cardcaptor. Haruka, is a shy girl set up with Takayuki by her friend, Mitsuki, while she is in high school. The two quickly become close, and develop an intimate relationship. She is involved in a serious car accident and ends up in a coma. The main thrust of the story begins when she awakens three years later. She is afflicted with anterograde amnesia, and because of her delicate psyche, her family and Takayuki conceal the truth that three years have passed, which forms much of the tension in the series.


Heck They even have similar Hair Bows!!!


Sakura is a ten-year-old girl who lives in the fictional town of Tomoeda, where she attends Tomoeda Elementary School. At the beginning of April, shortly after her birthday, Sakura finds a mysterious oldfalse book called The Clow in her father’s study which contains a deck of 19 (52 in the anime) powerful magical cards. Upon touching it, Sakura awakens one of the card’s guardians, Keroberus, who was sleeping on the front cover guarding the Clow Cards.Sakura became as Keroberus’s chosen candidate to become the next master of the Clow Cards and their guardians.


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