Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 11

September 10, 2009

Okay, at this point I have no idea what’s going on with this series anymore. This episode was… disturbing to say the least. For the first time in this series, the gore really disturbed me, and this also is the episode that really put my ability to not believe in the witch to the limits. This time, Beatrice really goes all out with her magic.So at the start of the episode, we’re left with five people still alive: Battler, Maria, Rosa, Genzo and Genji. It would therefore be logical if one of them were the culprit:

– Maria, if she indeed were the culprit, must have had some sort of help. Yeah, I suspected her before to be some sort of reverse red herring, but then again, she could never have killed six people at the same time.
– Battler would of course be the perfect culprit: how often can we suspect the lead character of being the murderer? But yeah, he’s just been accompanied with others too often.
– Genji is one of the more obvious culprits this arc: he distances himself away from the others near the end, he somehow ends up finding Nanjo and Kumasawa’s corpses in the middle of the rain, even though he was supposed to be inside, ready for the orders of Kinzou. And what the heck was he doing as Beatrice’s servant? That could have been an illusion from her just as easily. the question remains though: how did he fake his own death in the first arc?
– Rosa also is an important suspect, because she is one who could have faked her own death in the first arc. But in this arc she has been constantly surrounded by Battler and Maria. If she were indeed the killer, she would have had to ally with the two of them.
– And what about Kinzou? He survived in this arc, as opposed to getting himself burned. What’s the difference? Also, the only reason we have that he didn’t fake his own death is because he has six toes. Did he perhaps have an identical twin brother or something?

Also, I’m intrigued because in this episode Beatrice didn’t seem to realize that Meta-Battler differed from normal Battler, who acted totally different in this arc. My guess would be that in the first arc, he had less reasons to despair because at least George and Jessica, who he seems to like a lot, survived. In this arc, he had nobody and had to be accompanied by the ever-paranoid Rosa. Instead, the one who fought back in this arc was Rosa, in my guess she was motivated by some weird kind of mother instinct, but in the end it seems that she lacked the willpower of Battler in the first arc to fully reject the witch.

I think what made the gore in this episode work better was that for once the creators didn’t try to be as graphic as possible. For once that eliminates the need for censorship, but it also left a lot to the imagination, the psychological side of the gore. Especially during the *ahem*”dinner scene”…

Umineko at the moment is really like Higurashi’s first arc over and over again. At first it seems like an incredibly disturbing murder mystery, but when the truth gets revealed there turns out to be such a deep story behind it. Heck, can we even be sure that everyone got killed here? Knowing Higurashi, there promises to be so much going on, despite that at first sight this just seems like a repetitive killing spree.


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