NDK 2009

September 13, 2009


This past weekend was Nan Desu Kan 2009 located at the Denver Mariot Tech Center Hotel in Denver Colorado. I went along with my friends Paulie and Patrick. We had an excellent time. The three of us dressed up as Yuuko, Himawarii and Watanuki from XXXHolic.

We were able to take many pictures and enjoy the comfort and love of the Dealers Room.

DSC00656Of course the Dealers Room was packed every day, and there were way to many people dressed in Akatsuki Robes, it was still fun. On Saturday we attempted to go to the Japanese Mythology presentation.. which im sorry to say sucked like a leach on a bad day. The only problem I had with this year’s NDK is the preparation and organization. The con itself was great as usual, but the rest was blah!!

Many of the presentations were disorganized and confusing. Some of the dealers in the Dealers Room were the rudest people on earth accusing people of stealing. Besides that all we had tons of fun and I of course bought a million things..(mostly Cardcaptor Sakura Figures lol).

Below are some of the pictures I took of the cosplayers we met at con.







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