Online Game Review- Evony

September 14, 2009


Evony is a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS). It is highly popular because it is a persistent world. The landscape does not change each game or each time you log in, but rather you control your fledgling kingdom and direct its affairs. Your subjects will continue building, gathering, researching and laboring even while you are away. You may complete quests, attack barbarians or rival players, form alliances, achieve rank and title and expand your kingdom. Raise your Prestige and vanquish your foes. Your destiny is in your hands.


You begin with a small town with no more than a town hall, but you are given plenty of space to build with. Like many other games, the objective is to collect resources, build an army and defenses, and finally vanquish all of you enemies. At the time of writing this I am on the 85th server under the lord name Fastasgod. One huge advantage of Evony is it’s many servers. It is constantly making new ones as the server I am on is only 5 days old and yet there is already a server that is even newer. Unlike other games, people who play this game are encouraged to help beginning players to get on their feet. As if that were not enough the players are given an entire week with which to amount an army and enough defenses to withstand those of your enemies. On top of tat, there are multiple packages that help to quicken growth as well as strengthen other important aspects of your society. The attack engine is unique to Evony, and it is like no other. Instead of directly pitting army against army in a single skirmish, the attackers range actually comes into play. For example, If you send archers in alone they will mow down the first few ranks, but then be massacred by the opposing army. However, if you send them in with the aid of foot soldiers the foot soldiers will help block the opposing army giving your archers even more time to knock more arrows and strike down more men. It is a very unique system, and one that is more realistic than most. For those who are willing to shell out a measly 5 or ten dollars there are great benefits to doing so. 5 dollars will buy you 50 in-game cents, which will permit you to speed up construction or research, temporarily strengthen your army or even help with production. It is, however done in such a way that does not offset the balance of power within the game and although paying a little will help you, it will not make those who do so impossible to defeat. The final aspect I would like to touch on is the ability to teleport your cities. If you join an alliance, but you notice that the rest of the members are a world away, you have the ability to teleport to a local much closer to them. This in turn will allow your alliance to assist you and provide you with reinforcements. Overall I give Evony a 9, it only misses the mark of being a ten because of it’s occasional lag problems, but even they do not seriously affect gameplay.


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