Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 13

September 25, 2009


I personally love those series in which you can never be sure what to expect, which is exactly the case in Umineko. Even after being spoiled that Beatrice was going to die I still loved how this episode played out. Seriously, can this series get even more intriguing?In this episode, we learn that Beatrice indeed existed once on the island, but died in an accident when she was with Rosa. That part is most likely true, and the killer used that story as a basis for his murders. At that point, Beatrice also says that there are only 18 people on the island. However, she says this inside a flashback. What does that mean? That there were eighteen people on the island when Beatrice died? Or does that go for the current time-line?

Also, this episode ends up killing off all of the servants of the Ushinomiya-family for the first wave of victims. On top of that, it’s also revealed that the Kumasawa is the one who taught Beatrice her magic. That does make me wonder though: how did she let herself get killed off so easily in the first and second arc? Was it because she was with others? Did that prevent her from showing her powers?

Anyway, my guess is that there is a number of people that the killer wants dead, and he ends up killing a few more in order to cause confusion and throw people off. We know from the previous arc that Battller, Jessica, George, Natsuhi, Maria, Genji, Rosa and Kinzou are not among these people, which leaves 10 possible sources of the killer’s hatred. This arc should also promise to be interesting, because we finally get to see a bit more from Battler’s parents and Krauss, who all died in the first round in the previous arcs.

But yeah, the part in which Beatrice goes on a killing spree for the first six sacrifices is probably another illusion created by Beatrice, in order to throw Battler off. But how long can she keep pulling these things before Battler suspects anything?


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