Online Game Review- Perfect World

October 1, 2009

The Game: Perfect World

Perfect World is a F2P MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment, the company also handles games such as Ether Saga and Jade Dynasty

Perfect World revolves around the story of the three races created by a god Pan Gu which are the Human, the Untamed and the Winged Elves. An evil entity has started manifesting in the lands of the Perfect World and the three races must then set aside their fight to face the oncoming evil.

Your part in all of this is to become a hero from one of the three races who work together, helping eradicate the evil that is brought upon by the lost race that Pan Gu has tried to erase by flooding the world before.

Character Creation

The character creation in Perfect World is the game’s main attraction. The game has one of the most detailed character customization features in any game, may it be F2P nor P2P. Aside from the usual choices of hair color, race and the other choices, this is a game where you can practically put your face up and make your in-game character look exactly like you.

You have full control on the facial creation of your character, and as an added bonus, the game system allows you to upload a reference picture that is set beside the face creation part of the game so that you won’t have to bother opening a picture in a separate program.


The three races in Perfect World dictate what kind of job class is open for your character. For the Human race you have the option of becoming a Blademaster and a Wizard. For the Untamed you have the choice of becoming a Barbarian and a Venomancer. While for the third race, the Winged Elves, you have the choice of becoming an Archer and a Cleric.

Aside from the exclusive job class per race, there are also exclusive mounts that you can have that each race has. The Humans and Untamed are allowed to carry flying mounts once they reach level 30 while the Winged Elves are able to fly since level one.

Humans Fly on Swords

Game Features

Aside from the character creation choices and the race specific job class, Perfect World has other features as well. Some of the game features include, an Auction House, Crafting, Marriage system and Territory wars.


Perfect World is an MMORPG that mixes beautiful landscapes and even a in-depth customization system that truly makes your character an avatar that you can say “this is me in a game!” The wonderful thing though about the game is that even if the people behind Perfect World know that the detailed customization would be the game’s prime selling point, they made sure that there are a lot of things you can enjoy.

A few quirky examples is that your character can flirt with other players, kiss them and even lift them up and carry them wherever you choose to bring them. Of course the first and most important factor for these quirks is the entertainment you get (of course who wouldn’t want to kiss a foxy-fox lady if you know what I mean) some may even have practical use. For example lifting other players up and carrying them could help in questing, especially for those quests where you would need to reach areas that normally are in accessible through normal means, you can practically bring the person in need to the area just by lifting the person up and bringing them to the designated place.

Carrying Other Players

As a personal experience I can say that Perfect World has done a lot of things right. The most obvious of this is the visual and the customization freedom the game gives its players that most F2P MMOs fail to provide. However, as most F2P games are, there are still a lot that the game lacks, one example would be the lack of flexibility when it comes to the quests and the game should add more features because there are games that offer more features with a simpler graphic load.

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