Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 14

October 1, 2009

223Whoa, talk about turning the chessboard upside-down. This episode pulled a lot of things that I suspected that the creators were saving for much later. This episode seems to be the real start of this series.With this episode, this show gained a whole new dimension.So yeah, Battler finally started to look beyond the illusion of magic. It took the help of the former Beatrice, but finally this series is moving away from that one-sided slaughter-fest in Beatrice’s favour. This episode basically created six people in six different rooms, with all of the keys to these doors in their possession. This series then went on and confirmed that the one or ones who killed them is among the five Servants and Kinzou. Whoa, that seriously narrows things down, but it’s still a huge mystery about what the hell went on in these rooms.

The obvious suspect right now is Kinzou. This guy was the only one whose corpse wasn’t shot in the chest. This guy also has money: he could have used it to create an incredibly realistic fake body. He then could have hidden somewhere in the boiler room, and snuck out when nobody was looking. He could have used this method to survive in the first arc, and in the second arc he was one of the people who survived everything, so it does fit. But yeah, that doesn’t yet explain the locked-room mysteries of the second arc.

And yeah, Eva found the gold. By the rules of the witch, there shouldn’t be any more murders after this, but who knows what’s actually going to happen after this? It’s also interesting how each arc focuses on a different woman, which probably means that in arc 4, Battler’s mother is up. I do wonder though: arc 1 was about the children, arc 2 was about the servants, arc 3 pretty much seems to be about the adults. So what’s arc 4 going to be about? The witches?


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