Hagane new Renkinjutsu?

October 4, 2009

As many of you may have heard, Fullmetal Alchemist is Back! This time around, producers in Japan have followed through to create a new Hagane No Renkinjutsu( Fullmetal Alchemist) based on the manga’s storyline.

Those fans of the older version of FMA are somewhat stunned about this idea, but yet it is a new concept. I have spoken with many people about their opinions of the new series, and to my disbelief, the answers I received were that most do not like the manga version of FMA and in fact preferred the anime storyline. The way the characters were drawn for the old anime series and especially the storyline intrigued people more than the manga. I asked a group of students from Keishi Otaku Club what they did or did not like about the new series. Many students simply replied that they enjoyed the layout of the anime. Apparently some students believed that Edward, the main character was displayed in a more suitable manner in the anime than the manga. The students who liked the new series said that it was more of a complex and intriguing story than the old anime. However, the people who have never read the manga and have just began to watch the series believe that the storyline is confusing. According to popular anime streaming site Anime Season, the ratings for the new series have been very high, mostly 9/10 stars. In this blogger’s own opinion, I believe the new series of Hagane No Renkinjutsushi is layed out very well and that people should have the opportunity to see either version, but my heart will remain mostly dedicated to the old anime version. The main reasons the new version bothers me, is that I am used to the art of the original anime, and do not like the way characters are drawn in the manga. The music (especially the opening themes) of the old anime seem to fit the story better than the new series music. My only question now is if this new version will be released in english, and if so, will they use the same voice actors ie. Vic Mignogna, Aaron Dismuke, Travis Willingham, ect. This series all-in-all is not bad and is enjoyable to otakus everywhere. Below is a short trailer for the series. Enjoy and thanks for reading!



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