Kobato the Anime

October 7, 2009


The long wait is over! After much time of excitement, Kobato episode 1 of the anime was released today in subs on Anime Season.com. I for one am extremely happy the way the anime has turned out.

After having so many of CLAMP’s amazing Manga turn bad by anime, it was finally nice to see an anime of their’s that followed the manga. If you don’t know already, Kobato has becoome all the rage in Japan now since  RC Tsubasa is officially over *tears*,  Kobato will of course become even more famous! The anime was well put together, and I must say they did an excellent job on the scenes. Most of the scenes in the anime came straight from the manga, even down to the street signs. I appreciate them giving Kobato such a sweet voice, her siniging in this episode really does resemble that of an angel(which Kobato might be?). All-in-all the drawing, music and voices all fit Kobato amazingly. I, aswell as many others are graciously looking forward to episode 2 being released!


One comment

  1. Kobato is by far the best manga turned anime clamp has going for them. they completely ruined cardcaptor sakura and tsubasa rc. xxxholic was drawn terribly, but kobato was AMAZING!! hope episode 2 comes out soon!

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