Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 15

October 8, 2009

0943Holy crap! How many extra dimensions can a story get within just one arc? Turn the chessboard upside-down? How about reaching into a completely different dimension to find an extra side of that chessboard hidden!With this episode I’m really starting to see Ryukishi07’s brilliance as a writer, and it was by far the best episode of this series yet. Where to start?Eva finds the gold, but instead of stopping the murder her second personality takes up a life of her own, goes after the gold and becomes the next Beatrice, the mysterious girl that we’ve been seeing in the OP? What the hell?

Screw trying to prove that the murders didn’t happen with magic. My theory still stands that the real murderer is probably some sort of illusionist and Beatrice and the other witches are pulling all sorts of illusions to confuse Battler. However, what does this mean for the entire nature of the games that Beatrice and Battler have been playing? Beatrice actually did not know that this was going to happen. Does that mean that for every arc, she just puts the initial pieces into place (as in, the magical servants and gives them the right instruction), and then watches everything play out like she wanted to? And what exactly does it mean of being in that “shadow realm” of theirs. It’s one thing that psycho Eva took over the title of Beatrice in this arc, but why did Beatrice also give up her name in that shadow realm? It destroys so many theories.

First of all, if she just did that to fool Battler, this would simply come to light at the end of this arc when everything gets reset again. Also, it also doesn’t mean that Beatrice simply wants power, because she just gave that up like it was nothing and didn’t even seem to be upset about it. Also, the way Beatrice and Ronove spoke about psycho Eva, in that “I’m not going to tell you because you’re not going to understand it anyway”-way was surprisingly genuine. There’s no reason for them to have said that if that were just part of the play, so more and more signs are pointing towards a whole dimension of magic not only in the “shadow realm” (by lack of a better name), but also within the island itself.

And then comes the final quarter of this episode in which Beatrice (or Beato, I guess) shows a completely different side of her. She really is an innocent child at heart, that laughing of her was just a way of her playing around, albeit in a bit of an extreme way. I’m not sure what exactly went on in her twisted mind, but she seems to have a complete lack of morals. This is just a guess from me, but even though Bernkastel and ΛΔ have formidable powers, they never actually went against Beatrice and Battler pretty much was the first one who slapped her in the face among her charade of various servants and furniture. And on top of that, the Beato on the island has also completely swapped personalities and is the complete opposite: mature, aware of her loss and while she still has pride, she says goodbye to her servants with her head held high.

Right now, my guess at who’s the murderer is also completely different. Eva is of course a huge red herring, as are Rosa and Beato. If we are to take from Higurashi, the killer is someone who has stayed in the background who seems innocent at first sight. That leaves the biggest suspects at this point Battler’s parents and Eva’s husband. These are the ones who have had the least amount of attention so far, and they do have their own sets of motives, to try and get rid of Krauss and become the inheritor/inheritor’s husband/wife.


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