11eyes Episode 2

October 14, 2009

With her Raikiri (not Kakashi’s), Misuzu shows up to save the day. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know much about the Red Night either, other than the fact that it exists in a different time and space. Despite being chosen ones like her, Kakeru and Yuka don’t seem to have any powers at this point. With no way of escaping the Red Night, the three of them decide to head to the crystal tower at the center of this alternate reality in hopes of finding a clue as to what’s going on.

On their way, they run into a Black Knight who impedes them, making Misuzu even more anxious to see what’s at the tower. Much to their surprise, they find a girl entrapped in a crystal named Lisette, who asks for their help getting out of there. Understandably cautious of the situation, Misuzu chooses not to do anything. Five more Black Knights then appear and the supposed leader of the group refuses to answer Misuzu’s questions, claiming that he doesn’t need to explain anything to soon-to-be-gone “fragments” like them. He goes on and says they shouldn’t exist anyway, especially Kakeru.

Much like we’ve seen before, Misuzu, Kakeru, and Yuka are all inexplicably transported back to the normal world as soon as they’re attacked. Discussing the situation together, Misuzu reveals there are at least three others in the area like them — two girls and one guy from their school — whom she’s seen fighting demons in the Red Night as well. As a sort of Buddhist priest/sorcerer herself, Misuzu suspects that these Black Knights are some sort of spiritual existence or dark spirits. As for her powers, she feels that it’s something Kakeru and Yuka should possess as well, but probably hasn’t awaken within them yet. The theory crafting is left there for now, but on their way home, Kakeru and Yuka catch sight of what looks like Kakeru’s deceased sister again. They stop by the store where Kakeru works to ask for the day off, but are surprised to run into a new, spirited, nickname-loving, part-timer named Hirohara Yukiko (a.k.a. Yuki-pon). Unbeknownst to the two of them, Yuki-pon appears to have some sort of regenerative ability.

After a strange dream, Kakeru decides to look things up at the library the next day where he catches sight of his again. This time though, he finds a note saying the demons were awoken by him. As often the case in the Red Night, Kakeru’s right eye starts causing him pain again while a black moon looms overhead in the sky.sister Seeing as the first episode left a lot of open-ended questions, I felt a little bit of a summary would help piece some thoughts together (if for me and no one else). Admittedly, I’m still not 100% sure if I’m understanding everything correctly, so please feel free to (kindly) correct me if you are familiar with the game and see any glaring mistakes. While I’m okay with deferring the explanation behind the recurring appearance of Kakeru’s deceased sister for now, I’m curious about the presence of the Black Knights in the Red Night and how they referred to our protagonists as “fragments” 「欠片」. As it turns out, these Black Knights  are named after six of the Seven Deadly Sins in Latin (minus Lust).

While I’m far from being very knowledgeable about Buddhism, Shinto, and just religious beliefs in general, my interest has piqued a fair bit because of this. In addition, I want to see why these Black Knights seem to be guarding Lisette when she wants to be freed from her crystal palace. I’d imagine it’s to use her for some greater purpose, but I have no idea what that might be at this point. Remember what I was saying about visual novels having surprisingly good plots at times? Well so far, it looks like 11eyes is one of those cases. Despite presenting even more questions with this second showing, I felt they’ve done a good job capturing viewer interest. And to think, I was going to pass on this show without checking out the first episode…


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