Kobato Episode 2

October 14, 2009

[large][AnimePaper]scans_Kobato-Kari_suemura(1.56)__THISRES__216669 Yay for Kobato episode 2 being released today! Once again the anime has swept me off my feet. I am so proud that the Kobato anime follows the manga so well. However.. it is moving awfully fast >.>. I have enjoyed reading Kobato, and so have many of my friends. This episode was once again Adorable! Kobato is definitely the cutest girl in anime at this point lol.

I liked the tissue scene. It was completely random and Kobato like. I am not sure why home boy didn’t just throw the tissues in the trash and call it a day. He didn’t really care about promoting the product anyway…but if he did that then we wouldn’t have gotten to see Kobato try to pass out the tissues and fail. And drop the entire box two times. XD I love Kobato and her clumsy nature.

Kobato finally makes it over to Falling Apart Nursery school. She drops her tissues again and some kids laugh at her. Because kids are awesome. Sayaka comes and rescues Kobato from the sheet monster because sheets are hard. Sayaka was really smooth about hiding her problems from a stranger. Hello Sayaka, didn’t you hear the 5 minute rule?! No? Okay, just tell Kobato that your school is losing students and it’s old and you can’t afford help. I will let it slide this time since you are the kind of person Kobato was looking for anyway. Look Kobato! Time to heal someone!

After playing with the kids Sayaka thanks Kobato for her help and mentions the whole no money issue again, because she is poor(except where does she get her clothes? xD). Watching Kobato freak out because she forgot Ioryogi on the side of the road. She is stopped by Fujimoto who once again has kind words for Kobato. The whole “Don’t work here and mess around with us and feel sorry for us” spiel. Simply lovely. The fun keeps on coming when Ioryogi crawls up inside Kobato’s purse and unleashes some fire balls on our sad heroine.

But to be fair Kobato did leave Ioryogi alone on the streets. And left her bottle behind. You got to keep track of the important stuff silly!


After getting yelled at some more Kobato realizes she didn’t earn a broken heart today. Ioryogi yells some more, that Kobato has to do more than play with a few kids. Kobato is disappointed. Yeah she really didn’t do much but this girl thought she was helping out the evil crows with the trash. She really does lack common sense…so why don’t you help her out Ioryogi?!

Also important to note Kobato has decided to heal Fujimoto’s broken heart instead of Sayaka’s. In the manga she seems angrier at Fujimoto and doesn’t mention the fact he might be hurting until later. But the way the anime has set up the scenes so far it makes more sense for her to worry more about Fujimoto than Sayaka at this point.


I guess the scene I was looking forward to most was the Takashi heart scene…and it wasn’t as powerful as it was in the manga. I think it really has to do with Kobato’s dialogue. What was up with the weird clapping? It just seemed out of place. I think it would have been better had she clapped her hands together one and said “your mom sounds great”. Not your mom sounds great 15 times in the short conversation.


But Takashi was 10 kinds of cute! He really stole the scene from Kobato. Don’t cry too hard Takashi. You got the best mom in the entire daycare.


So after Kobato did…nothing she arrives back at her home and discovers she had earned a broken heart! Again the scene was cuter in the manga with the SDness and her overall shock. But it was still cute. Ioryogi wasn’t very helpful in explaining why Kobato was able to earn a heart this time when she wasn’t meaning to but couldn’t earn one during her time at the nursery when she was giving it all.

But I really do get it. Sometimes a gesture means more when it is from the heart and unexpected rather than sought out. You expect people to help out near the holidays. But it means more when you help people out on a random Tuesday when they tend to be forgotten. And that is what Kobato will be good at. In her house in the park.


So our episode ends with Kobato getting a 100 from Ioryogi  and Kobato nicknaming the broken hearts candy. A good episode overall. Could have been stronger at some parts but I tend to be a bit harsh on…everyone and everything. Yeah they are going through the manga pretty fast. More than half the anime series is going to be anime original at this point. It will be interesting to see where this ends up.


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