Kobato Episode 3

October 20, 2009


Meet this week’s wounded heart, Tadokoro Mutsumi (VA: Inoue Marina) who has a bit of a boy problem. Pretty much a simple thing to solve and Kobato successfully gets another “candy” for healing her broken heart. Now… the fun part of the episode are the introduction of few popular CLAMP characters in Kobato. First up, we have Chitose (Hibiya) Mihara, the ever-popular kanrinin. Feels weird to hear Houko Kuwashima’s take on her though, I keep associating her with Inoue “Onee-sama” Kikuko.

And of course, her twin daughters,(Chii and Freya) Chiyo and Chise. Man… sure is nice to see them again, but Megumi Nakajima also sounds odd to hear lol. Finally, even Kohaku’s appearing. Which is really fast. Considering that Kohaku only just appeared officially in the latest Kobato manga chapter. Heck, next episode even has Kohaku playing a role in it. I guess we all have to REALIZE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MEDIA! Chiwa Saito’s voicing her too, which I approve. I can’t get enough of Chiwa’s voice after Senjougahara.



    The part where she is saying "Let her share an umbrella" with that cute face was the best cute moment of my week! Can't wait for episode 4 :3

  2. I would have to agree Kobato is the best CLAMP anime by far well besides CCS and Chobits. They have messed up so many but Kobato is just adorable in so many ways ❤

  3. I just finished watching episode 3 and it was so adorable. I love her rain outfit 😀

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