Darker than Black: Ryuusei No Gemini Episode 3

October 22, 2009


Hei trapped in the forcefield breaks free due to the fragment Suou is wearing which turned her into a contractor. Mao tells Suou its her chance to escape and tackles Hei into the cold water. Genma and Mina arrive at the scene too late to capture Hei/Suou but finishes off August 7 who was half dead.

Hei has the same nightmare again with him running to Yin telling her to stop but wakes up and attacks Suou who was gonna tie him up, which surprised him that she saved him. With Suou tied up, Hei resolves back to his alcohol while Suou bad mouths Hei for killing everyone which upsets Hei at the end resulting a slap. Suou falls asleep crying, which lets Mao and Hei talk about the past how Mao survived due to his memories were still there just without a body. Mao talks about Hei working for the CIA and tells Hei about the new plan from the “woman”. Nika is outside the Russian Intelligence HQ waiting for Tanya however is spotted by them, and plans to use him as bait to lure out Suou. Suou wakes up hearing her mobile phone going off when Hei snaps it half and checks the outside area for enemies. Suou notices a whale left behind as a note for her which has pictures of Japan (tokyo) which suggests that Shion might be there because the Hells gate is there, which will be their next destination.

Hei and Suou head off to the train station which is heavily guarded. Hei tells Suou to get on the train which he causes a distraction which end up being a fight zone. Tanya blocks off Suou’s run when she demands where Shion is but is stopped by Hei. Hei discovers that he has lost his powers and tells Mao to help Suou escape while he distracts them. Genma and Mina arrive at the scene too killing the russian intelligence guards and cause a big explosion, Hei escapes and is hunted down by Tanya when Suou yells out to her to stop. Nika also arrives and tells Tanya to go home with him but ends up getting killed by Tanya’s bugs which triggers the fragment Suou is wearing which turns her into a contractor. She materializes the anti-tank rifle and attacks Tanya, Mina and Genma with the help of July. Before she can finish off Tanya Hei steps in and stops her. As they leave Hei notices July and he follows him to Japan as well.

Misaki sadden by the fact that BK 201 is dead talks to Kanami about the star, however Kanami tells Misaki that nothing like that has happened and she should get a new man. As Misaki phones Saito trying to get information off Saito about BK 201, she talks about being expelled and a man comes in the room introduces himself as Kobayashi tells her that BK 201 is still alive. He also offers her to follow him to track him down which most likely she accepts. Hei, Mao, Suou and July is on a ship to Japan where Hei is drinking again. Mao warns Hei that he is drinking abit too much but is told to mind his own business. Mao asks what happened to Yin which Hei responds that he will kill her which surprises Mao. Suou is paying her remuneration by folding paper cranes.

My Opinion:

Alot has happened in this episode which alot of information. Hei and Mao talks about a lady they work for which isn’t introduced yet to who she is and the ending when Hei says that she will kill her is rather surprising. Not sure if he is referring to Yin but it will be sad if it is.

Misaki is also still attached to Hei and is sadden about his death but gets shocked that he is still alive and most likely will accept the offer from Kobayashi. I’m abit sad that Hei lost his powers since its only has been 2 episodes, however hopefully he will get his powers back since they are going to the hell gate just like when Havoc got her powers back but without the crazy insanity part. Suou’s tranformation of the gun scene was kinda weird for me which reminded me of dbz when she yelled but still surprised at the ease she controlled the rifle which cause some intense damage. Other than that i’m looking forward for the next episode which sets at Japan instead of Russia.


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  1. Creepy EYES!!! lol

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