Kampfer Episode 4

October 22, 2009

While Shizuku definitely takes the cake this time around, all of the girls looked great in this episode. Nomad’s really done an awesome job here and I love how they gave us a plethora of angled full-length shots. (Widescreen at its finest.) Even their outfits were really nice, particularly Shizuku’s business-like attire and Kaede’s off-the-shoulder sweater. A showcase of beautiful character designs with beautiful artwork. Need I say more?

Much like they haven’t shown all series, there were no cheap panty shots this time either, but believe me when I say this episode was all fan-service. As you could probably tell from my uncontrollable blurp above, Shizuku was the main driving factor behind most of it. The scandalous student council president’s activities included forcing Natsuru to give her a shoulder massage, moaning a bit from being “roughed up”, making Natsuru grope her breasts, fawning all over him, stripping to show him how to put on a bra, and posing one of the sexiest poses ever. To add to that, we also got to see Akane and Kaede fighting over Natsuru (cat fight!). We even had a small karaoke competition to help decide who would get to sing a duet with him. While there were still some obligatory cleavage shots, this my friends is real fan-service. Despite Natsuru being full of estrogen, you could just sense his angst as he tried to suppress his male urges in all those situations. I kid you not — I loved every minute of it. So does anyone even care what this episode was actually about? I mean, does it even really matter at this point? =) While my suggestion would be to just go through the screen captures, the short version is that there’s a school beauty contest taking place at the upcoming school festival. Unsurprisingly, Natsuru’s female self gets dragged into it by Shizuku under the presumption that it’s for the enjoyment of the students. While Natsuru tries to get out of it by doing Shizuku a few favours (i.e. making her ”feel good”), he ends up having to go along with it after Akane busts in and puts some bullet holes in the wall. In preparation for the contest, Natsuru ends up shopping for underwear and going to a karaoke bar to practice singing.

While Natsuru’s happy to have Akane accompany him, Shizuku later shows up to help out and calls Kaede as well. After having a singing competition to determine who gets to sing a duet with Natsuru (which he ultimately calls a draw), Kaede decides to enter the beauty contest in hopes that Natsuru will respond to her confession when it’s done in front of the entire school. Not liking her forceful attitude, Akane decides to join in to protect Natsuru. Hearing that they’re participating, Shizuku decides to enter as well since she’s the student council president and has to live up to everyone’s expectations.

We had fighting maidens this time alright, just not in the Kampfer sense. Next time it looks like the beauty contest is in full swing and things won’t be pretty.


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