Nyan Koi Episode 4

October 24, 2009


Nyan Koi episode 4 was very cute. Once again Junpei finds himself in another awkward situation. To start out this episode Mizuno jumps in succession and passes her high jump limit. The track team practice ends and Mizuno hands over a towel for her senpai. He uses it and wipes her face, and Mizuno blushes while Ichinose is thinking of how Junpei made her sad.

Under Junpei’s desk, he finds a feminine letter( love letter), and he rushes in the washroom to read it. Finding out that it was a challenge letter, Junpei rips it up and totally ignores the letter. Ichinose rushes to Junpei’s classroom and gets angry at him for not going to the challenge, but instantly gets charmed by Kanoko’s appearance. Kanoko punches him in return for touching her breasts, and Ichinose fires up and declares a battle of Kaede Mizuno infront of her. Kanoko imagines what happens if Ichinose wins and dreams that Junpei will bow to Kanoko being her servant forever. Ichinose faints, and with Mizuno arriving the three carries him home.

Arriving at Ichinose’s residence they stand in awe because of his house sign,” ichinose clan.” which pretty much means he’s in a mafia. Mizuno fangirls over the fact that she’s interacting with mafias and before they leave, the butler of the house greets them inside the house. In the mansion, Junpei was required to wait while Kanoko and Mizuno gets a bath. A cat called Josephine appears in front of Junpei, and hearing from Tama he wants to request his master Nagi to fall in love. The butler cuts off the cat before she can finish explaining her request and he is then brought to Ichinose’s room.

In the bath, Kanoko worries that something might happen to Junpei, in the meantime she asks what Mizuno thinks of Ichinose. In Ichinose’s room, Ichinose grabs his wooden sword and gets ready to fight Junpei. The deal was that if he won, Junpei has to stay out of Mizuno’s sight forever. Lightning strikes, and Ichinose falls ontop of Junpei. Junpei finds out that Ichinose is actually a girl, and hears about her story of being rejected by the man she loved because she looked like a guy. Junpei finds it awkward that if she’s a girl, why would they be dueling over Mizuno. It was mainly because she is a beauty pursuer. Managing to trap Ichinose in a pharaoh statue, Junpei comforts Ichinose and promises that he wouldn’t tell anyone of this forbidden secret. Convincing her that he will stay beside her, Ichinose walks out of the statue and falls in love with Junpei.

Leaving the mansion, the cat walks Junpei away and hopes that one day she can revert to her old self once again. Josephine tells Junpei it’s okay and that he solved it already…( Ichinose fell for Junpei) Being targeted by Nagi, in Junpei’s class there is a new comer and that person is Nagi. Even though she has taken the class before, she is now dresses as a girl( not really), and is determine to stay with Junpei.



  1. Just finished this episode and cats falling in love with Junpei LMAO! This anime is great I tell you great!

  2. Nagi joining Junpeis class… ya that is going to cause a crapload of trouble dont ya think!? lmao

  3. Awwww Nyan Koi is such a cute anime.. but yeah the cats just look abit awkward but I sapose that is ok haha. Poor Junpei *gives hug*. Ichinose loves you! ❤

  4. I would have to agree with you all that Nyan Koi is an absolutely adorable anime! This last episode made me a bit sad though all Josephine wanted was for Nagi to fall in love but Junpei always ends up in weird messes poor guy 😦

  5. nyan koi! is an anime i can enjoy because it is so funny. i love junpeis face whenever a new cat shows up. im not sure if even i would want the ability to talk to cats. i know for sure i wouldnt want to have to help 100 deeds for them ha.

  6. I am falling in love with nyan koi! This anime is sooo cute ❤ I felt bad for Junpei when battling Ichinose but then she fell in love with him I was like oooh another lil girlfriend! xD

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