Kuuchuu Buranko Episode 2

October 25, 2009


Ok so this anime has now officially been dubbed: Disturbing! I just finished watching Episode 2 of Kuuchuu Buranko on Anime Season and I must say.. I am going to have extreme nightmares tonight! Save me everyone! I can’t believe Starfire-san got me to type about this episode this time. This anime is totally her’s from now on lol.

This episode started off with an awkward “sex dream” (nothing seen just herd). Ths guy named Tetsuya Taguchi has a problem…his sympton is Penis Petrificatus…and it gets worse he apparently has only around 180 days to live. This meaning that his penis is like always errected… ok so this whole episode I could not keep a straight face it was horrifying to see this guy’s pants around his legs for like half the episode. This was the first time to see Mayumi-chan in her “anime’ form as well. As she was giving him a shot for his problem, Irabu had a very creepy-ish look well more than usual. This is probably because Ichiro Irabu apparently doesn’t have a very large penis.. ok writing this is so uncomfortable XD. The theme song I will mention again is so strange and lol to the flat people in the backgrounds once again. and WTF is up with Taguchi turning into a rino-thing every once in a while? So freaky!! and the whole hey lets hide his penis with his head when Ichiro is at his house?! This whole entire episode was messed up and down right bad lol. Many people are enjoying this anime.. but as for me well im a bit worried about the people who “love it”. If children saw this wow.. yeah that would end pretty badly. I must say that now we know why he was walking around all funny in the first episode.

The idea of having a mix between real people, 2d and anime is getting really confusing and odd looking as the story progresses. Also I have never seen anyone compare an errected penis to a hairdryer like Ichiro saw it lol. Apparently his only way to get rid of his problem was to tell his ex-wife what he still thinks and well “does” with her. Once he tries, he finds out she is pregnant.. and then after thought he tells this girl at his job that he wont do what he asks of her and BAM all the sudden he is cured. So all-in-all this episode was weird/creepy/awkward, but all ended well I suppose lol.

Tune in next time for Romance Novelist, Junichi Hoshiyama who has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.


  1. OMG! This anime is disturbed lol. They should have just kept it as a TV show and PLay and never brought something this weird into anime. I haven’t even seen this episode and now I totally know I dont want to haha. Poor Megan 😦 now she gets this series from now on lol.

  2. Poor Megan my butt lol. I’m not even sure either of us should post about this but I guess since we started I can update it.. not that I want to. I just finished this episode and totally agree with the fact that this was “disturbed” as Laura-sama says lol.

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