Letter Bee Episode 4

October 25, 2009

Given the preview last week, I have to say this episode was pretty predictable from beginning to end. That doesn’t necessary mean it was a bad or boring episode though, since they did establish some needed background between Lag and Niche. Despite being predictable, it was interesting to see how Lag (sort of) helped Niche escape the freak-show he inadvertently delivered her to and how she ultimately decided to become his dingo. They also revealed Niche’s bear paw-like hands, her supposed connection to a legendary golden dragon-like creature named Maka, and her ability to use her hair as “golden swords“. Last but not least, they introduced the huge mouth Steak, who should be a mainstay on the top of Niche’s head from now on. My only minor complaint is that they spent an entire episode to do so when half probably would’ve sufficed.

While I could appreciate the growing relationship between Lag and Niche shown here, plus the display of Lag’s shindan ability five years later, I couldn’t help but feel that some of the scenes were needlessly drawn out. The concisely summarized short version is as follows: Lag delivered Niche to Rent only to find out later that Love Someone Down is actually a freak-show. Realizing this, he heads back to rescue Niche from a life of imprisonment, but she manages to get away pretty easily on her own accord. After Niche unknowingly enters a Gaichuu filled forest, Lag goes after her and helps her defeat a huge Gaichuu using his shindan. In doing so, Niche sees all of Lag’s sad memories and notices that watching her leave him is amongst them. As such, she decides to stay by Lag’s side as his dingo.

If there’s one thing surprising this week, it’s that the use a shindan seems to only pass on one’s sad/painful memories to other people. Whether or not this is always the case I don’t know, but it somewhat fits the idea that shindans use fragments of one’s own heart. Gauche mentioned how their repeated use would eventually degrade a person until they’re no longer themself, so I wonder if it’s from filling their hearts with sorrow. I’m probably overthinking things too much at this point, but I thought I’d throw the idea out there. In any case, it looks like Niche has officially joined the party! Hurray!


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