Kobato Episode 4

October 27, 2009


Kobato episode 4 was released about an hour ago on Anime Season. I love Kobato the anime so much! Every episode just makes Kobato more cute and the story is moving along nicely.. well a bit too fast compared to the manga.. but nicely just the same. There were once again many appearances of other CLAMP characters.

My Episode Summary:

While walking down the street, Kobato comes to find a sidewalk on standing on it look at a sakura blossom tree crying, is Kohaku. Kohaku then realizes that she knows Ioryogi and he realizes that she is Kohaku from heaven. Kobato then spends the rest of her time trying to figure out why Kohaku was crying at the site of the beautiful foliage. Trying to ask her the next day, Kobato ends up following Kohaku and Shuichiro back to their house, where she sees Kohaku watering the plants using “magic powers”. Kobato soon comes to learn that Kohaku cries whenever she sees something beautiful that reminds her of Shuichiro. Ioryogi then makes a huge outburst saying “So love makes you miserable, makes you want to cry!”. Kobato then asks Kohaku if she is worried about something since “The magazines say love makes you worry”. After this, Kohaku then explains that the problems is Shuichiro is always too busy, and that the two of them have never even been on a date. Kobato goes to look at magazines to see what amusement parks are, but sees that they cost 3,000 yen to attend. What I find funny here is the fact Kobato (was homeless) says she is broke… then how in the Heck did she get all those cute outfits!!? Where do they come from?! lol

fakobato.jpgAnyways, Kobato finds out that the lotto 3rd place prize are 2 tickets to an amusement park. She then gets depressed because she doesn’t have a lotto ticket. Kobato then sees a ticket sticking out of a trash bag. She runs to grab it but ends up falling into a small riverbed. Afterwards, she runs to the lotto place and ends up rolling a red ball out of the spinner. She was “A Big Winner” according to the lotto accountant, too bad she only walked away with the 5th place prize, which just happened to be a big stuffed alligator(rofl). Later, Kobato runs into Fujimoto and sees that he has 2 tickets to the amusement park, which he received from work. She offers him her alligator for the tickets, but apparently, he refuses. However, Kobato then later appears at Kohaku’s house and got the tickets for helping him deliver newspapers. Kohaku refuses the tickets saying she is selfish and that Shuichiro wouldn’t have time to go with her anyways. However, just then, Shuichiro appears from behind a bush and asks Kobato if he could have the tickets. She, of course gives them to him, and Shuichiro asks Kohaku to go to the park with him. The next day, Kobato follows the two of them to the amusement park, and was filled with joy that they both were having so much fun. While leaving for home, a bunch of balloons flying in the air reveal “Bunny”, a messanger from Heaven who tells Ioryogi that Kobato must fill up the bottle before the 4 seasons pass(meaning she has exactly one year to fill the bottle). Once they get back to their room, Kobato realizes she didn’t get a “candy” from Kohaku. Ioryogi then explains that Kobato cannot heal someone that is already happy.

Thus ends my episode 4 summary. Can’t wait to see what episode 5 has to offer us! I ❤ Kobato!!!!


  1. Yay a new Kobato update! I am very impressed with Kobato thus far and might I add that I have also wondered how Kobato got so many clothes when she started out homeless in the beginning lol.

  2. Omg I love kobato!! I just finished this episode myself and she is so adorable. Ioryogi is hilarious too lmao.

  3. 1 word… ADORABLE!!!! Kobato and Kohaku are so cute I love them both so much! The scene with Kohaku talking about her love for Shuichiro was more adorable then a baby puppy haha. I feel bad for Kobato though shes so clueless when it comes to Fujimoto hehe. 😛

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