Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 4

October 28, 2009

snapshot20091005214451This week, we get to see Andou-kun’s family and their Japanese sweets shop. Most of the episode focused on Andou’s younger brother, who hates cakes because he thinks that they’re taking his brother away from him. As usual, the food was the best part of the episode.

Going with the theme of the rest of the episodes, we have our idea of dreams… specifically cooking/baking dreams. This time, though, it’s about a boy who is having conflicting ideas about his dream. And he blames it on cake. Well, not exactly ALL cakes, but all non-Japanese pastries/confectionaries. This is racist to a whole new level, I guess. Anyhow, we get to see Ichigo working at one of the Four Prince’s house (god, I can not remember their names, forgive me), one who has a very large family. They run a Japanese confectionery store, and, well… one of the kids in the family is mad at cakes, and antagonizes Ichigo for it. Yep. Connected, not really. But convenient, sure. We get more insight into the… erm… people-skills that Ichigo has? I guess… Anyway, we discover the reason Ichita (this cake-hating boy) hates cakes, and it’s because the older brother he so idolizes is… he believes… abandoning Japanese tasties for the… cakes (aka… not Japanese?) he hates. So… yes. Problem? Yes.

Easily solved, though. Simple solution? Reveal the older brother’s dream to make Japanese styled non-Japanese cakes. And make a cake like that. And give it to Ichita. Who now sees his dream. And makes his own. Ah, yes. Happy endings.


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