Letter Bee Episode 5

October 29, 2009

Things spurred on with a new character’s personal aspirations to go to Yuusari, but the fight over Lag’s crossing permit was enough to warrant a multi-episode continuation. Better yet, Niche was cute as hell this week. Queue Ryuuguu Rena’s “Hau! Omochikaerii~!I lost count of the number of cute facial expressions Niche gave us this time around. She was even cute when she was mad at Lag for not addressing her as his dingo and trying to send her back to Cambel. She may have taken off her pants out of spite, but she’s still wearing a pair more than Lag is in this relationship. Let’s not forget Steak though, who got the frying pan treatment from the fallout of Niche’s temperament. Poor guy was going to get eaten whole! Aside from the cuteness overload, we also saw the introduction of another key character to the series, Largo Lloyd (Katsuyuki Konishi), whose true identity should be revealed soon enough. This brings us to Lag’s unfortunate run in with one Nelli (Nabatame Hitomi) at the dead-end town of Kyrie.

As an outskirt town bordering the Bifrost bridge to Yuusari, life is anything but buzzing in Kyrie. Much like a lot of residents there, Nelli wants to get out of this hell hole town and enter middle class area of Amberground. Upon learning that Lag has a temporary crossing permit, Nelli decides to steal it so that she can deliver a letter from her deceased brother Nello (Matsuoka Yuki) to a Letter Bee named Jiggy Pepper. Being a former resident of Kyrie, Jiggy is looked upon with disdain for leaving everyone for a better life. Since Nelli’s brother looked up to him, she hopes the letter will, at the very least, make Jiggy feel guilty about doing so. However, when Nelli tells the townfolk about the crossing permit, a huge fight breaks out over it. Luckily for Lag though, Niche senses his situation from afar and comes to save him, despite the fight they had earlier about being his dingo. All the while, Largo has noticed that Niche is the child of Maka he’s been looking for and has sent off a Letter Bee pickup request to his hawk companion’s real owner, Jiggy Pepper.

We’ve seen glimpses of Jiggy in the opening sequence on his motorcycle and now in this week’s preview, so it’s probably safe to say he’s a main player in the series as well. Things left off with the crossing permit still in Nelli’s possession as she makes a break for the Bifrost bridge, but Largo hinted that the permit alone won’t let her cross. As such, I expect things to pick up there next time, along with the appearance of Jiggy, the Letter Bee who specializes in express deliveries. Should be interesting. On an unrelated note, I really prefer Niche without Lag’s ugly pants on.


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