Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 18

October 29, 2009


I just finished watching Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 18 on Anime Season. I was released exactly 30 minutes ago and I must say.. HOLY SHIT!! This episode was complete madness and now I am feeling so unhappy at what Beato and Virgilia did to Butler! This episode was very hard to understand unless you really are into the anime. So if you are one of thos”I kind-of watch Umineko” people then you should stop right here and watch the series for real, because thus is the end of Chapter III!

Episode Summary:

Beatrice resurrects Kanon’s spirit for Jessica and defends her against Eva-Beatrice, nearly getting killed by the Siestas in the process. Before Eva-Beatrice can finish her off, Battler brings her to Purgatorio to challenge her. Battler theorizes that the real Eva is the culprit, but is unable to explain how Nanjo could have been killed, since Jessica was blind and Battler was with Eva the whole time.

AngeBattler nearly surrenders until Beatrice uses what magic she has left to “deny” the existence of witches and destroy Eva-Beatrice, leaving the emotionally unstable Eva to kill the other survivors and escape Rokkenjima alive. However, the entire game was set up by Beatrice and Virgilia to make Battler empathize and accept Beatrice as a witch. Before the witches can force him into submission, Battler is saved by his sister Ange, having been named the Ushiromiya family head and the new “Beatrice” by an old, dying, and bitter Eva twelve years in the future, and dispatched by Bernkastel to begin a new game. Ange-Beatrice must now face Beato in a showdown to save all of the Ushiromiya family memebers from certain death.


This episode to be quite honest had me at hello. I had no idea of the scruitiny going on between Virgilia and Beato. My first honest opinion at the beginning of the episode was OMG Beato is helping Jessica and Kannon now?! She actually smiled yay! But then stupid Eva had to go and be of “service” to Beato and make Butler look like a fool. This episode had an amazing twist at the end, and a whole new game now must begin. Chapter 4 will begin next episode and Ange-Beatrice will now take Eva-Beatrice’s place in the portrait frame. I for one will say.. thank GOD Eva-Beatrice is gone haha she was a total bitch.



  1. Omg poor Battler! He almost admitted Beato was a witch damn shes good lol. I wonder why Ange wasn’t on the island with the rest of them though. Maybe we will learn that in Chapter IV. I think we can now understand Bernkastel’s roll in the game mentioned to Beato in like episode 4. Now we know that she has a piece of the game sent there. Wow this series is AWESOME!!!

  2. Ok Im really beginning to see why I love Umineko No Naku Koro Ni so much… The storyline is kicking ass! Even though its a lot different from the visual novels, the anime still is amazing. Beatrice is so freaking kick ass, although her scary face is well… scary O.O
    This was a great episode and I would agree with Mio that Bernkastel is definitely a huge roll character in the game now.

  3. im so glad that eva isnt the true beatrice now because she was beginning to really piss me off. although im wondering about ange being beatrice. perhaps she will be the mysterious girl in the 4th picture frame like laura is saying. i hope she is 😀

  4. I think that Beato is starting to be a bitch now it stinks. I was really getting into likeing the new “Happy Beato” but now it just makes me 😦 very sad <.< but the next episode im totally awaiting another twist!

  5. This episode was freaking amazing!! Beato and V almost got Buttler in this one! Oh man I can’t wait to see what Ange will look like as the Endless Witch!

  6. Advent told me to check out the episode and the post now and omg this episode has got to be the biggest turn of events and personality out of any episode thus far. It was EPIC I tell you! One thing is strange though.. can witch truly lie in red.. like Beatrice admitting there are no witches? Wouldn’t Beatrice and Virgilia actually die too like Eva-Beatrice did? It just left regular Eva behind.

  7. i actually like this better than the visual novels. not sure why i do but i do yes. lol

  8. @07Secrets
    Beatrice never use red to admitting there are no witches.

  9. @07Secrets and gecd

    Ok so actually, Beatrice did use the rest of her magic to deny witches in “red” but the anime never shows her exactly doing so. But in fact, she does. Doing so was the only way she was able to kill off Eva-Beatrice and just leave regular Eva behind to kill the rest of the family. Beatrice also kills Eva-Beatrice so that she could “convince” Battler into thinking that she was on his side trying to protect him (even though this was a trick made by her and Virgilia)

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