Kuchu Buranko Episode 3

October 30, 2009


A man in his room typing… and rolling, then back to typing. He’s a romance novelist. Anime showed his signing event for his latest novel. So popular among woman. Then there’s interview. When talking about even new novel in progress, he kind of wanted to leave now and just say what the posters around him was displaying.
Whenever he has an image about being chased in a space, he feel like throwing up. He has pressure. He is Toriyama (Hoshiyama) Junichi, the novelist, and is seeing the doctor. He asked Toriyama about the bracket (Hoshiyama). The doctor and Mayumi never heard of him. Toriyama began to feel like throwing up again and the vitamin was injected. The doctor asked for the origin of pressure. He cannot do so…The company kept giving him works. The doctor saw one of his novel with “Toriyama”, “Ashita”. The doctor/ Mayumi wrote something! Toriyama feels that there’s something in mind but afraid that he has used it before.  Toriyama gave Mayumi his latest published novel. Toriyama is meeting a sport writer. He described that Toriyama’s Ashita is a serious book. Toriyama, for his job, is meeting Nabehata to meet a new writer. Reina, the new writer, sounds like Rie Kugimiya. His pressure keeps coming because his novel is serial. Nabehata is inviting Toriyama.And lol to argument between them! The doctor and Mayumi were in the company and Arai called to come just because of Mayumi’s illustrations. Sport writer was also there, and he said the feelings they had when first became novelist, just to write something. That lifted Toriyama’s pressure. Mayumi actually read Toriyama’s “Ashita” before! She said that the first time crying while reading a novel is that book!



  1. I loved this ep! It was super funny and is it me, or wasn’t that Konitan voicing Arai? I’m almost 99% sure.

    That phone call to Iwamura was awesome. Iwata’s voice acting skills rob me of my breath. Can’t wait for his episode btw. As for the novelist, well, vomiting constantly must suck..xD

  2. I really liked this episode. I’ll definitely be watching this one again, because I know that my mind was racing in about 50 different directions with every scene and switch between frames of mind.

  3. love this show so far, finally something to look forward to. Directions were awesome and the subject was pretty interessting again.

  4. vomit vomit vomit. that is all. also, the fight between nabehata and toriyama is just fascinating. and now, I know that shinichiro miki one of the men with a very beautiful voice (but he’s fugly, the animation doesn’t help^^).
    mayumi somehow turns at bit stupid in the end.

  5. In the first episode I was a little frustrated with the live action-ish parts, but I seem to get used to it. It adds up all the uniqueness as well. Great execution as usual. With 3 episodes aired, Trapeze is easily one of the best anime since the direction is the one aspect that I value the most. Looking forward to the next episode.

  6. I just finished watching this episode. I must say that the anime is getting better but it is still waaay to much BLAG :S!

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