Kampfer Episode 5

October 31, 2009

Seeing as Natsuru was close to locking lips with both Kaede and Akane this time around, I really wasn’t expecting Shizuku to swoop in out of nowhere and actually do it. Even more so, I wasn’t expecting there to be body fluids here. Holy saliva transfer Batman! I didn’t know this was that kind of show! Get the kids out of the room! Kampfer is officially rated ages 18+ only. They even had tentacle rape going on in a movie at the culture festival. Bio Hazard my ass, that was straight up hentai. I should file a complaint. The “comedy” part of the title is completely misleading.On a more serious note, this is probably the most fan-service-filled episode thus far. However, it was still pretty tame by season standards. There were no panty shots, but plenty of cleavage shots and “forced” cosplay. Aside from a lot of random occurrences at the festival not even worth mentioning, things revolved around the beauty contest and Kaede and Akane’s ongoing struggle to make Natsuru theirs.

In preparation for the almighty student council president and the highly-touted Sakura Kaede, fellow classmates decide to increase Natsuru and Akane’s public appeal by stripping them and playing dress-up. Kaede barges in later and is upset about missing out, so Akane chases her off by saying Natsuru’s not into yuri. After school, Natsuru tries to cheer Kaede up and manages to do so by inadvertently encouraging her to go after his female self. All the while, Shizuku is taking notice of what Natsuru’s up to and probably enjoying it more than she’s letting on.

On the actual day of the beauty contest, Natsuru considers using his Zauber as his stage appeal, but Masumi warns him about the use of fire. While he’s fretting about what to do, Kaede appears on stage, scatters some Zoumotsu Animals into the crowd, and starts reenacting one of their messed up stories. This almost leads to a kiss with her prince Natsuru, but Kampfer Akane shows up to put a stop to it. Not long after, Shizuku shows up and takes everyone out, thereby winning the “beauty” contest. When Natsuru wakes up, he’s back to his normal self with Shizuku looming over and teasing him about changing his clothes and the excitement he felt about those near kisses. Shizuku claims outstaging them was her last resort to winning the contest, before going on to ridicule Natsuru for not having enough assertiveness in those situations. Before he knows it though, Shizuku’s stealing his first kiss and telling him they’ll do “more” later. After she finishes with her tongue dance, she suggests not telling Akane because she’ll probably kill him. Outside, Mikoto has returned to Japan looking for Natsuru and is surprised to find a Zoumotsu Animal in her bouquet.

So um, yeah. Did I mention that Shizuku is hot stuff? I mean god damn. If you don’t count a lot of “oh snap”s, I was speechless after that kiss. Next time, we finally see Mikoto Kampfer it up thanks to the mysterious Zoumotsu Animal Messenger she stumbled upon. If you’ve payed attention to the opening sequence at all, it should come as no surprise that’s she’s the white-haired, red bracelet Kampfer.


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