Nyan Koi! Episode 5

November 1, 2009


So I just finished watching Nyan Koi! Episode 5 on Anime Season. I was released a while ago but heck I have to sleep you know. Anywas I was so wrapped up in the amusement park date that I completely forget one of the twins was going to show up. Tomatsu Haruka did have a line during Kirishima Akari’s brief appearance, but more importantly, Kaede knows about Junpei’s curse now!? Things end abruptly after Akari confronts Junpei about his curse, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaede just misunderstands the whole thing next time. In any case, this episode was all aboutTokiwadai Land and Nagi’s wholehearted attempt at being Junpei’s “wingman” so that he can score with Kaede.

Of course, she wouldn’t be doing this out of the kindness of her heart alone, as she adds the stipulation that Junpei has to get engaged to her if him and Kaede aren’t an item by the end of the day. According to Nagi, she’ll only allow Kaede to take Junpei from her and no one else, especially not “D-cup Kanako”. Humorously enough, she originally invited Junpei to the amusement park to make him choose between her and Kaede, but used a letter of challenge of all things. Kanako tagged along, leading us to a wonderful day in relationship square.

Surprisingly, Nagi earnestly helped Junpei all day and gave him tons of “alone time” with Kaede by removing the third wheel Kanako. To help move things along, she even tipped Kaede off that Junpei sees her as something more than a friend. As the icing on the cake, Junpei also gets unexpected help from the amusement park workers, since the whole place is run by the Ichinose group and they don’t want Nagi to end up with him. As such, everyone was trying to keep Kanako away from Junpei so that he’d be alone with Kaede, but the poor guy was so creeped out by his senpai’s actions that he could barely take advantage. He did have a couple of good opportunities in the haunted house and on the ferris wheel, but Kanako manages to intervene both times. (Gooo childhood friend!) By the end of the day, Junpei isn’t able to officially ask Kaede out, but the two of them did have fun together. Kaede did give Junpei a gift for troubling him, but he secretly thought holding her in his arms was more than enough.

With thoughts of Junpei filling Kaede’s head, she asks Kanako the next day if she’s going out with him. Much to her surprise/relief, Kanako says he’s just a childhood friend. Kaede then inadvertently lets the idea slip that Junpei was hugging another woman (i.e. Chizuru), which gets Kanako and Nagi’s jealous blood boiling. Out of spite, they feed him some dog treats Kaede accidentally brought. After school, Kaede goes after Junpei to warn him that those are actually dog treats and overhears Akari talking about Junpei’s curse.

It was pretty weird seeing Nagi help Junpei behind the scenes here, but Kobayashi Yuu does an awesome job bringing out her stupidity. The letter of challenge “invitation” was a hilarious example of Nagi flipping between her tomboy personality and her creepy head-over-heels in love wit h Junpei side. On the flip side, it was pretty cute seeing Junpei spend some time together with Kaede, but even more so with Kanako barely able to contain herself in the background. After episode two, I was favouring Kanako over Kaede because of her tsundere nature, but this episode made me see the latter in a different light. Kaede’s an earnest girl with some good charm points, like being afraid of haunted houses, so I’m starting to think her and Junpei aren’t so bad together. Comedy-wise, things weren’t as funny as last time, but they made way more progress with everyone’s feelings. Things should get a lot more interesting now that Kaede’s thinking about Junpei in return. I kind of see Kanako being pushed out of the picture as a result, but I expect her to fight her way back into the “Junpei contest” much like she did this week. The question is, where do the Kirishima twins, Kotone and Akari, fit into the picture? I gather they know about Junpei’s curse because of their relationship to our cabaret club loving priest Keizou, who shares the same surname. Judging by the preview, they’ll definitely have more screentime next week and can tell us all about it then.



  1. Episode 5 of the anime just skipped over all of Kanako’s special visit to take care of Junpei when he is sick, (from chapter 8 of the manga, this chapter is crutial for KanakoXJunpei character development and they just dismissed it). I don’t think I would want to continue watching the anime if they are just going to favor KaedeXJunpei. That makes me sad :[

  2. i guess now i understand why everyone’s so angry when the anime skipped ‘chapter 8′. that was a great chapter. hope it comes out the chapter actually comes in the anime… ’cause i like s a Kanako x Junpei. i just love kanako!! her voice and her attitude! by the way, great ep for people who loves kaede x junpei. i like this too.

  3. I’m loving how Kobayashi Yuu is voicing Nagi.

  4. Kanako really is depicted like shit in this animated version, by ignoring her softer side scenes and emphazing her jealousness to the point of making her look like a neurotic girl, I find it pretty hard to ship her this time (like the absolute opposite of its paper counterpart).

  5. So much for the yakuza guys’ plans, they didn’t account for berserk like strength. Plus new girl shows up and knows the curse, and kaede hears so does that mean she might be cursed? Either way twins next time!

  6. I liked this episode ^_^
    KaedexJumpei moment is priceless 🙂
    Kanako is jealous coz Jumpei hanging around with Kaede 0_0
    The twins is finally appeared in next episode..can’t wait to watch it.

  7. Liked this episode a lot for comedy and Junpei x Mizuno. In the beginning I though that Nagi’s little letter was a bit too much but the tickets were and Nagi’s voice at one point was really cute with a girl tone. I did not think that hte mafia was around the amusement park and the old man was the pink cat. Pretty happy that Nagi supports Mizuno x Junpei and that heart straw drink, that was cute. Nagi’s efforts from the ice cream, to ferry ride of Junpei X Mizuno and fortune telling while holding off Kanako were appreciated. The best was the haunted house because Mizuno got scared and was close to Junpei more than before. Also Kanako punched so many of thoe mafia guys in the costumes that I choked of laughter especially with the pink cat hitting the wall. Officially confirmed by Nagi Kanako is D cup O_O that must be big in Japan. Ferry wheel was so cute too this episode is a win in Mizuno x Junpei progress. That present of Mizuno was nice. The end got me a little scared…..Mizuno might know Junpei’s curse now and twins next episode! Next episode looks better than this one. My reaction to best moment of Junpei x Mizuno:

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