Kuuchuu Burnako Episode 4

November 5, 2009

Shinichi Bando, a baseball player is most attendable player… perhaps not.His ball got soften when he heard his coach’s instruction. He’s not good at throwing balls, huh? He already threw two bad balls. Bando got switched for Suzuki, the most popular player.,Bando was famous that even got on the cover of a magazine, but next day after the misses, there’s a rumor that he might not do baseball anymore. His friend suggested to see the doctor.
Bando said not just twice failure, but not even a single shot he can shoot anymore! The doctor said Ippusu, the body not moving the way the brain order it to. Mayumi shot him before the doctor said so. The doctor is not good at baseball. A boy who knows about Bando asked why he’s here. He’s shocked at how good the doctor threw later. The doctor said that it’s weird that the idea of “throw it” feels through the body, so that he threw well. Next day, Bando’s going to try what the doctor said with his friend. He still not doing well. Next day, The doctor got a glove for himself and a soft ball for Bando to practice because he said he cannot throw properly anymore. The doctor gave him a book of basic skill of baseball? He still cannot throw well… Suzuki is not injured, so the coach asked Bando to be in the game for tonight. So, he felt he can throw it and agreed. Suzuki came back and said it was a light injury, so he cannot throw again. He’s very nervous but is going to try his best. … his straight ball hit the batter!!!!

So… his problem is to be at the place can communicate with people, then he gets scary? Now Bando is drinking, but pissed when he understood that now Suzuki is more popular then him On the way home, he saw Suzuki in an argument. The doctor said don’t interfere and Suzuki will get less popularity if he really fought. He still gets involved by trying to get Suzuki out, but got hit by another person for the grudge. He and Suzuki ended up taking the taxi home together.

Suzuki was worried if he can be in the position protecting… Suzuki fell asleep fast and Bando said he will be able to be in the position protecting.

Bando gave the book back to the doctor but he said he’s quitting baseball, so he doesn’t need the book. Hah?? The doctor is doing audition to a movie “Ai no Tsubasa” (by Junichi Hoshiyama, the patient from previous ep.) instead. Bando is doing catch ball with the boy. The doctor commented that catch ball is harder than normal baseball…



  1. Enjoyable, as always. I love the integration of live action. It’s done really well i think.

  2. This episode was a lot better and actually somewhat enjoyble 😀

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