Nyan Koi! Episode 6

November 6, 2009

The comedy was pretty hilarious this time around, starting off with Junpei simply running away from Akari without asking any questions, the confession-dump knockout combination, the use of Tama as a weapon, Junpei’s refusal to catch him, Kotone’s stalkerish behavior and love for misfortuned guys, all the way to Tama’s cat quarrels with Noir, his preferential treatment by the twin’s father Keizou, his attempt to protect Noir from Kaede’s pack of dogs, and being scared shitless doing so. The highlight for me had to have been Tama’s outcry while being thrown, in conjunction with his disheartened response when he found out Junpei wouldn’t catch him. That’s a serious laugh until you cry moment with how hilarious Fukuyama Jun is as Tama. As I suspected a couple episodes back, Keizou is the Kirishima twins’ father, but it turns out he’s divorced from their mother. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising given his cabaret club loving nature, though it does explain why we haven’t seen Kotone and Akari around the temple.

Story-wise, the twins can protect themselves from the effects of knowing about Junpei’s curse using a Taima Justu. Explanation aside, what this translates into is some human involvement in Junpei’s quest towards 100 cat wishes, of which he’s only completed 20 or so thus far. Hearing this, Akari’s not impressed by his half-assed efforts and thinks he should just turn into a cat and die already, but Kotone’s more supportive and enlists his help in resolving the quarreling between their pet cat Noir and their father’s Tama. Things got ugly between them when Keizou took Tama in and started giving him preferential treatment for simply being a male calico cat, turning Noir’s happy life completely upside down. However, the two of them have been living apart for some time now, so the grudge doesn’t seem nearly that deep anymore. Junpei notices this and how Noir actually likes Tama (and is jealous of Nyamsus), so he tells Tama to take her on a walk and find an opportunity to apologize. They run into Kaede in the process, but Junpei’s unable to have a conversation with her because of all the cat chattering. One misdirected “shut up” outburst later and Kaede’s running off in tears like the first episode, but Junpei’s able to clear things up later on. However, that’s not before he gets a jealous thrashing from Kanako and Nagi for being with yet another girl(s).

After skimming the manga afterwards, I found that this episode covered chapters 12 and 13 pretty faithfully. It even used the chapter titles as the episode title. All of the scenes were here, but so much better with the animation and voices. In any case, the Kirishima twins have finally arrived! Lots of black shadowy panty shots though, which actually make it look like they’re wearing nothing at all. Nopan again?



  1. LOL!!! Just finished watching this episode and it was so freaking funny! I love the Twins!!

  2. Anime girls are ridiculous. Beating up on boys for befriending other girls. This is the second episode this has happened and it’s getting annoying, especially since the thrashing didn’t happen in the manga.

    Still good show though.

  3. @Kristy
    I agree and…what’s with all those ‘censored’ the twin’s panties shot??? man it’s a little bit irritating…

  4. I bet he ends up with Kanako (I hope).

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