To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 6

November 6, 2009

After a rash of small firework-like explosions around town, Kuroko tells Mikoto of how they’ve detected the rapid acceleration of gravitons prior to each explosion. The culprit is essentially turning aluminum into explosives, and the only person in the city who theoretically would be able to do this is currently in the hospital and thus has an alibi. Mikoto wants to help with the case, but Kuroko doesn’t want her getting involved. Mikoto, however, gets her chance after Uiharu accidentally leaves behind her Judgment armband, and Konori runs into her and mistakes her as a new member. She’s surprised to find that a lot of Judgment work is menial, such as having to clean up after people, but she also gets to do her share of helping people in need, and it’s harder than she expected. In the middle of this, Konori gets a call from Kuroko and Uiharu who had run into a little girl who had lost her bag. Remembering how Uiharu had told her earlier that the culprit was putting aluminum in children’s bags, Mikoto assumes this to be a dangerous case and searches all over the place with Konori. While she’s doing this, Mikoto happens to pass by a couple of thugs who proceed to beat up a kid, and by the time she tries to break things up, the thugs have already backed off and the kid is already injured. The kid doesn’t show her any thanks though and instead is pissed off that she didn’t act quicker. In any case, Mikoto and Konori eventually find the dog that took the bag in a playground, and Mikoto is able to save the bag from falling into a fountain, though she herself gets soaked in the process. Even worse for her, she finds out that there was no bomb in this bag. In the aftermath, Kuroko and Uiharu arrive with the little girl and reunite her with her bag, and they’re surprised to see that Mikoto was helping Konori. For her part, Mikoto has a new appreciation for what Kuroko and Judgment does. Sometime later, two members of Judgment try to evacuate a convenience store, and one of them gets caught in a huge explosion that originates from a stuffed animal.



  1. What wrong with the kids ? Lifting onee-sama skirt like that!!! If I tried to pull a stunt like that I won’t be alive to this day… Anyway more shorts shots! woot I said it before Shorts rulz this season.
    Yes it felt kind of filler but it was a nice workout for mikoto. Being able to blow things up all the time can’t solve everything. “Oh I want to open this door, *railgun blast, *door blows to smiterings, yes that’s a way (yes I know it is the fun way). Still was that the best way? Sure not. This control should prove useful for her soon.

  2. I don’t know whether it has something to do with my fetish for sailor uniforms or what, but I find myself liking Saten and her down-to-earth attitude (as Exia puts it) as well as her fanboy-pleasing habit of lifting poor Uiharu’s skirt all the time, despite her minimal involvement in the plot so far. Though having read the first manga arc, I’m hopeful of seeing more of her soon.

  3. I hope Touma appears in the next episode.

  4. I loved this episode not sure why completely lol

  5. I hope Railgun will pick up the pace soon. The story isn’t grabbing my attention at all. I’m also getting a little bit tired of all those scenes with Mikoto blushing/being embarrassed.

  6. I didn’t get why the bag couldn’t get wet. Neither here nor in the manga. Would it have exploded? lol

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