Aoi Bungaku Series Episode 5

November 9, 2009

This arc features the adaptation of “In the Woods Beneath the Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom” (which I’ll just keep abbreviated as “In the Woods” from now on. Instead of the serious No Longer Human, this short takes a more light-hearted approach. At first this worried me a bit, but the deadpan humour of the lead guy was hilarious. You hardly ever see good deadpans in anime, but I really like that type of humor.The story in this was just… weird. Which made it even better. Here we have a rugged bandit whose skills are second to none. He lives with a bunch of women he captured. His latest addition is very spoiled and bratty, so she doesn’t want to live together with them. However, the lead guy is in love with her. so what does he do? He kills off every woman but one. What?! This episode just oozed style. Is this really an adaptation of classic literature? I can really hardly tell. The creators of the anime added the funky atmosphere, a terrific set of voice actors, a bunch of insert songs, seamlessly integrated with the story and an MP3-player. I’m not kidding. Beats me where this guy got the batteries from. And the graphics! This episode was a visual orgasm beyond belief, and Madhouse have truly outdone themselves yet again! Some of the backgrounds looked truly fantastic here, and this definitely was the prettiest episode of this season. Seriously, why aren’t there more series like Aoi Bungaku?? This is just utter brilliance, and you can see that the creators are throwing in lots of stuff and ideas to spice up this episode. You could see that they had a lot of fun adapting this work. I love the idea of the little specks of blood on the camera when one of the guys was killed. The pacing, the timing, just about everything felt right in this episode.


This episode has character designs by Tite Kubo (aka. Bleach). I can see a ton of Tite’s style in this episode. Basically it had all the things I love about Bleach. The devil may care attitudes, the zany humor, the outrageous style. Classic, I can’t wait for the next one.



  1. The episode was interesting however one thing that did bug me was the bandit’s voice. Is the seiyuu the same one they used for Youzo? Each time he speaks I can’t help but think of Youzo.. lol so that’s going to take some getting used to. Otherwise pretty awesome 🙂

  2. This was probably the most strange episode I have ever seen! I don’t think Im going to watch the rest of the series if it is like this O.O

  3. As much as I don’t mind Kubo Tite and Bleach other than the fact that it’s your average super-popular long running DBZ-ish anime with tons of fillers, teen spice and humor, I do not like the constant style switch-ups in this episode to say the least. First glance is all happy and light-hearted humor, then it follows up with a decapitation of the women servants – something you’d NEVER see in Bleach, no matter what. Then it goes back to it’s happy-go-lucky humor that is very commonly seen in Bleach. There is nothing wrong with the Bleach humor, but when its put together in a story that is intended to be taken seriously(after all that is what this anime consists of – short stories from literature) then the end result leaves you with a sour feeling. I hope the next few episodes don’t let me down, because the first 4 episodes(or 1st arc) of Aoi Bungaku were simply AMAZING.

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