Kobato Episode 5

November 10, 2009


After having to wait a week due to Culture Day on the 3rd, Kobato episode 5 was finally released a few minutes ago. This episode starts out with Kobato helping the children in the nursery, when one of the girls, named Marina, comes and asks Kobato to read her a book titled “A firefly’s light”. When Kobato hesitates, the kids laugh asking Kobato if she even can read at all. She then replies yelling “I can read perfectly fine!”. However, while reading the book our silly Kobato skips pages and ruins the story. Throughout the begining it seemed like Sayaka had problem. She answered the phone and said I’m not interested, while being overheard byIoryogi. Sayaka then dismisses the person on the phone saying “we are in session right now, then hung up the phone and gave a large sigh. After this, Kobato as usual falls over and the children begin laughing at her. Ioryogi as usual yells at her (calling her Dobato again of course). As the children leave, Marina tells Kobato that she will get better at reading someday and that she wishes her luck to do so. All the while, Sayaka looking extremely depressed. Kobato walks in on her asking if she could barrow the childrens book to practice reading to make everyone happy. Sayaka lets her barrow the book saying Good Luck.ko3

Later we see Kobato sitting on a bench by the bank reading out of the book. Right in the middle of her reading, a strange man comes down to Kobato and tells her to stop reading the book, then walks away. Ioryogi of course gets a bad feeling from the guy. As Kobato and Ioryogi were walking back home they saw the old man from before sitting on a bench. Being her usual self, Kobato runs up to the man and begins asking him the stupidest questions.. like”Don’t you have a home?”. LOL then she goes on a huge tantrum about how she used to live in the park ect ect. The old man says I don’t want to rely on people I don’t know so.. Kobato introduces herself and Ioryogi to him haha. Even after all that, the man sees the book and tells Kobato to stay away from him.dfa

Back at the apartment, Kobato continues to read. Then she feels bad about the old man again I sapose. In the morning.. Kobato oversleeps..AGAIN! Then she runs all the way to the nursery.. AGAIN! However, this time a group of guys are standing outside harming the kids, toys and such. Kobato goes running to help the children but this stupid guy grabs her by the hair and pulls her back. (Yeah that had to hurt Kobato lol). And of course who comes to the rescue?… That’s right Good Old Fujimoto >.> As the guy was running to attack Fujimoto BAM! Ioryogi bite attack! xD Sayaka then comes out of the building telling the guys to stop. They say they are there because she hasn’t paid up. She then says she will talk to them, when the nursery is closed. The guys then go after Sayaka, but Kobato gets between them telling the guys to please leave. Kobato got brave for once!! She was withstanding hits also lol. The guys finally leave.. I suppose Kobato plus the little kids yelling stranger got to them. You have to love the kids and their fake crying to get the bad guys to go away. We go from the laughing kids to sad Sayaka and Fujimoto.dfaz

We then move on to part II of the episode. Kobato and Ioryogi are sitting on a bridge talking about Sayaka’s troubles, when Kobato pulls out a coupon and Ioryogi lights her on fire once again lol. They begin walking home, when once again they see the old man from before. Man Kobato is persistent in asking this guy if he needs anything. However, the guy is very persistent in telling her to go away and that he is fine.. and to once again tell her not to read the storybook.

Kobato returns to the apartment.. depressed once again. Although this time she ends up seeing Fujimoto opening a door in the apartment.. Hey who knew that Fujimoto lived there too? He’s a jerk to her as usual..(well for the anime anyways). She then explains the whole picture book situation to him. Talking to him though, she figures out the old man’s name is Mori and that the picture book was the last one her wrote. We then go into a long sequence of Kobato reading the book…

Ioryogi puts 2 and 2 together and figures the old man was like the firefly in the book and that he had lived alone for so long that he had forgotten how to “glow”. After this we see the two of them at the library with Kobato slamming down tons of books about fireflies lol. So after this she once again.. goes to bother the old man. This time around she asks him to join her to look at fireflies and tells the man to meet her at a mountain that night. We next see Kobato and Ioryogi sitting on the mountainside and guess what?! Kobato finally does finish the book! After doing so she says that she just knows the man could remember how to glow too. The man does indeed come and asks Kobato why she asked him that in the same words as Naoko. Naoko turned out to be the man’s lover(ooooh lover!!) and the artist for the book. We then see a flashback of the old man who ended up not going to meet Naoko. Then says that he later called her to meet him at the park.. however Naoko got into an accident. You see the man in the hospital and Naoko says she wanted to see the fireflies with him. She ended up dieing.. which was depressing. The man then tries to leave, but Kobato falls and he catches her. The man looked at the book and discovered Naoko wrote the book on that mountain.fdzsf

After all this fussle… the fireflies finally come out and pretty music plays (awww what nice ending to the episode I’d say). We finally then get to see Naoko’s face and the tears began. Turns out the episode was titled the Promise of the Fireflies because she promised him that he would see them someday and fall in love with them like she had. The next day, Ioryogi tells Kobato that the man remembered how to glow.. and YAY another candy appeared in the jar. He then gives Kobato a score of 80 for her actions. All-in-all the episode was a bit repetative.. but still you just have to love the cuteness of Kobato-chan!ko

Cutest picture of the Episode!.. Poor Kobato doesn’t even know how to read properly lol.




    Seriously though, this was a good episode. I’m eager to see how the debt gets settled…

  2. I’m really loving this series.
    It’s so cute!
    And the firefly scene was really nice.

  3. I keep getting fixated on how the two fireflies and the bridge in the last illustration panel of the story book makes an unhappy face. Hmm.

  4. This episode was great! Fujimoto actually did a good thing for once lol.

  5. The loan sharks were a bit wimpy, but hey. The little kid is pretty brave, standing up to them and protecting that girl. I know dozens of kids his age who would face a situation like that by breaking down and crying. Good boy! =D

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