11eyes Episode 6

November 11, 2009

11eyes - 06 - Large 19

What better way to cure a disturbed mind than with some spiritual healing. In Misuzu’s case, the “spiritual” aspect covers you from head to toe and forces her to undress for a good part it. It’s a sweaty and tiring process it seems.Thanks to the good folks over at 2chan, you can catch the animated version of Misuzu’s handy work here. I don’t think anybody really needed an animated version to point out the obvious connotation in that scene, but the producers added the black fog for good measure. It was basically a flag saying, “hey viewers, we’re censoring something here, so watch carefully.” As such, I can’t really blame Yuka for misunderstanding what was going down there. What surprised me though was the pacing of this episode. Kakeru was healed relatively early on, leaving the majority of it about Yuka fretting over Kakeru and Misuzu’s relationship. Despite having all the characteristics of a harem anime, this adaptation hasn’t really given any indication that they were going to bring in relationship problems. That’s not to say I mind; it’s just that they were so focused on progressing the story that this was the last thing I was expecting after Kakeru awakened his Eye of Aeon. While unexpected, this turn of events did lead nicely into some shaky territory between Kakeru and Yuka (i.e. him refusing to kiss her), them getting separated in the Red Night, and the discovery of her beat-up Penzou-san bag. This would’ve been a good cliffhanger to leave things on too, had the preview not decided otherwise.

11eyes - 06 - Large 24As for the Red Night, they’ve still yet to reveal anything more about it. Takahisa did fill in Misuzu and Yukiko on the barrier around Ayamegaoka that prevents them from leaving the city and escaping the Red Night, but the Black Knights themselves still refuse to divulge any information. Instead, Acedia makes mention of how humans can become surprisingly strong when upholding a sense of duty, suggesting that he’s much happier about Kakeru and the others not knowing. With regards to the Eye of Aeon, Misuzu and Yukiko discussed about how Velad, a former king that appears in Kakeru’s dreams, once possessed it. Yukiko adds that Velad was tricked by a witch (Lisette?), which led to the destruction of his country and him taking his own life. Other than that, Invidia continues to hold a grudge against Takahisa for scorching her face, whereas Kukuri was quick to take Acedia out with her “Abraxas” chain ability. A part of Acedia escapes before the rest of him goes up in a big puff of smoke though, so Kakeru and co. haven’t quite taken out half the Black Knights yet. Judging by the preview, it looks like things will pick up from the current Red Night as Kakeru frantically searches for Yuka. Having been kept in the dark so long, I hope they hint at some more possibilities as to what’s going on.


  1. I finally had time to watch this episode! The first half wasn’t that bad, I’m sure it’s all just a misunderstanding between Kakeru and Misuzu. But on the other hand, Yuka who was watching from outside may have gotten a wrong impression. I think that her jealousy will drive her to a point where she will just want Kakeru all for herself 0.0 For the fighting at the end, it’s good to see Kukuri showing her skills

  2. I don’t know why…

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