Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 6

November 11, 2009

I found this episode quite satisfactory. The beginning I liked a lot because all of that chibi and sort explanation of Sawako’s past and how people reacted to her. Anger came at the part where Yuka threw Sawako on the ground and put her foot down on her chest, I swear I was going “Get your foot off you (insert any bad name here) off of Sawako, how can you even be so mean to her.That quickly dissapeared when Yoshida took Yuuka’s foot and sent her away, too bad it was not a more violent push. Absolutely loved the emotional exhange of Sawako and Yano/Yoshida so much that I teared up. There was some good comedy with Pin going into the bathroom to help out. Finally Kazehaya’s smile, support and defence towards Sawako was great! Hirano and Endo were great too to support Sawako.  Looking forward to more beauty of Sawako like that my official anime fantasy wife.  At the end Yuuka’s tears were just too bad for her and I was happy she deserved to have them.ddes

Hahaha sorry but you deserve more than those tears to feel sorry about Sawako…Yuuka was 🙂 + T_T with heart beat. I never felt like this. This is a first for me I true awakening of emotions. Finally another great face of Sawako this is my #2 favorite! Also great support of everyone being friends with Sawako! Thanks to Kazehaya and Yano/Yoshida/Endo/Hirano.  Its amazing how everytime they can make a whole episode with so little real story progression… When it was over I was like, what, already? then I tried to remember what just happened, and it was like, erhmm..not much? It was such a emotional charge that I think I took long to do a post on this episode. The art, the emotions and the sending of a powerful message is what was the key here. I will tell you this is like great therapy for me every day. On the farm it was so depressing that I was thinking of doing something about it but now I don’t need to. Anime did its job…a little funny but it worked on me. I am hoping Clannad and Ef second season will continue also to do a good job! I forgot the great support of MAL here also helps. People on the internet are almost like people in person as long as their words reach you.


  1. Fantastic episode, I am glad that they finally fixed everything up so we can get on to more interesting things. Next episode looks like it is going to be super great.

  2. Easily the best show of the season. Such a heartwarming reunion for Sawako, but it looks like the real drama`s about to get started.

  3. Great episode. I’m glad things got resolved now. Lol, and Kazehaya is now feeling a little left out. I’m interested in what role that blond haired girl will have.

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