Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 20

November 12, 2009


Episode 20 has finally arrived! This episode begins on the night of Saturday, October 4th. We first see Rosa drying Maria’s hair after being in the rain. Maria then asks Rosa if she was a good kid for doing what Rosa wanted her to do. Rosa of course tells her she is a good kid then nags her about being in the rain. She then makes a pinky promise to Rosa to find shelter when there is a rainstorm.The episode then moves back to purgatory. Ange stands up quickly and states that she is bored and is going outside. Ange then appears in a dark black area where she talks to young Maria. Maria asks if Ange feels that she is sad, since Ange read her diary. We then go into the pages of her diary and see a flashback of Rosa talking to Maria on the phone, telling her that she would not be home for a few days. Then Sakutaro comes out into the room and tells Maria that her mother is trying her best at work all for Maria’s sake. While her mother is away Sakutaro suggests that Maria and he have a pajama party(lol).00000

It seems that Maria and Sakutaro had a great time together. We then see Maria give Sakutaro a muffler that her mother made for her when she was younger. The story goes out of the flashback and back to Maria telling Ange that she was indeed happy, that her and Sakutaro both were happy. Ange then talks to Maria that she only felt sad that Rosa forgot about her plans with Maria- This part is quite confusing. Ange apparently tells Maria that she needs to realize that her mother only loved her on the outside and not on the inside deep down.

Back to the flashback, Rosa finally comes home and drops a receipt for a Hot Spring Inn… it seems Miss Rosa has been fooling around lol(or just go with what Ange says “vacation”. We change back to Ange and Maria, where Ange says once again that her mother was lying and Maria once again denies it. Maria then basically tells Ange that she(ange) was an unhappy sad soul herself. Maria then says that she felt that same way until she found the “power”. Ange asks “What Power”, then bang here comes Beato. Beato says that Maria has a power than Ange does not have.. and that is magic.

Yay a Beato Flashback of when she first met Maria! The first thing you see in this flashback unfortunately is Sakutaro introducing himself to Beatrice lol. Beato explains that she created Sakutaro using her own magic. She also mentions that what Kinzo wanted the most, Maria has. Beatrice then states that Maria will become an even greater witch than herself and that someday, even she must acknowledge as her superior. Beatrice then says that she wants to give Sakutaro a present herself. Virgilia then appears also saying that Sakutarois cute. Beato asks Maria for her journal then her and Virgilia sign it and proclaim Sakutaro as a friend of witches and turn him into a young boy. Maria was then given the title “Apprentice Witch of Origins” and BAM she also gets a witch costume and ends up holding Eva-Beatrice’s staff.


We then return to Ange in the dark room, where she asks Maria if she can use magic. Maria then replies, saying that she is part of the Mariage Sorciere already. Ange is then told to imagine a very large space-ful world, a world where even the ground and sky have no boundary. Ange also learns how to summon the furniture of witches, by summoning the Seven Sisters of Purgatory. This part was hilarious because all seven of them start glomping Sakutaro haha. Then the sisters got to play a game of rock paper scissors to see who could stay with Ange. Mammon ended up winning lol.


After all that was over, we see Ange sitting on the toilet in the girls restroom with Mammon asking her why she is there. It seems this is the only place Ange could be alone. That school must suck, having to do roll calls and having a creepy gal checking you out all the time.. creepy! We also learn that Battler won the beads in Ange’s hair for her at a carnival crane game haha. Seems Ange wants to learn the resurrection magic to bring Battler and the others back to life. However… Ange screwed up and stopped training in magic and never saw Mammon on Maria again until after she graduated.

Ange then is seen talking to a professor about the Rokkenjima incident in 1987. It seems the bottles with the distress notes from “Maria” were finally found floating in the water. The professor says that the letter’s were signed from Maria, but Ange then shows him Beato and Virgilia’s signatures in the diary.. and he then knows who wrote them. Ange gives the guy money, but he doesn’t want it, he only wanted the book lol.0000000

Finally we once again return back to the Ange of the “past/present” in the dark room, where Mammon tells her that Beatrice is asking for her to come back in the game room. Ange then tells Mammon that her plan is to defeat Beatrice for Battler’s sake. Out of nowhere Lambdadelta comes into the picture saying that she can’t believe Bernkastel tricked Ange. She said that Bernkastel lied about the fact that if Ange beat Beato, Battler would come home. However, she mentioned that Battler would return to the six year old Ange in 1886, not the her in 1998. So in the long run, she is fighting for something that she wont even be rewarded for. Lambdadelta then makes a deal with Ange asking her to make the game a tie over and over for eternity so it will settle her goal, as well as let Ange stay with Battler. But before Ange could say yes or no to Lambdadelta proposal.. Credits.. yeah that was the end of this episode.000000

All-in-all… This Episode was Awesome! We finally got to see Sakutaro in his humanish form and Maria as a witch, not to mention more of Ange’s situation. I don’t know about you but this show just keeps getting better and better! I can’t wait for Episode 21!



  1. It was interesting but it only gave me some background info on Maria and Virgilia/Beatrice deal. Another interesting deal was Mammon/Ange but why was Mammon in Ange’s dorm with that lady inspecting the girls? Other questions would be why did Virgilia/Beatrice sign the diary of Maria and made her into a witch not to mention made Sakutaru (that teddy bear) into a human form. What was up with the Stakes of Purgatory being all cute around that teddy bear in human form? Another thing is why would they sell these messages in bottles? They did auction them did they? At least I know that these Ange’s hair things were a present from Battler from how I understood it. Also Lambdadelta’s little deal is a Trap! I am sure because of that smile! Did you see Lambdelta’s smirk=>

  2. Is it really true Bern lied? Or is it that Lambdadelta lied for her benefit? I though that Ange would return to her own time after the game ends and her family would be there. So confusing on if Lambdadelta is deceiving or not. She spoke with logic but that smirk in this episode says all is a lie. So which is it.

    • Lambda isn’t deceiving Ange – what she says is completely true. Bern didn’t exactly lie, she just didn’t tell the whole truth.

  3. I think the amazing thing about this show is that people can understand 2 different stories from the same show, it is totally depended on how you want to see it.

    That said, I think this episode clearly, once again, suggests Rosa as the culprit and she wrote those 2 bottle messages. but at this point, after being trolled a few times I wouldnt really count on what the show suggests me anymore~

  4. I really enjoyed this episode! I was very glad to see that Maria’s story was finally being told to Ange, rather than her just reading the diary.

  5. Wow, I can’t believe I really enjoyed this episode.
    Not a lot happened, but I really loved it.

  6. BEST EPISODE EVER!! Glad to finally see Sakutaro haha!

  7. I just like the fact that Maria is a witch hahaha XD

  8. Okay episode. A bit slow.
    There’s so much stuff going on right now in different times and places/worlds/whatever that I’m starting to lose the plot completely.
    I’m confused.

  9. Good Episode. Glad Lambda pointed out how Ange’s not really fighting for something that she exactly wins. Besides that, I’m going to guess that Beatrice is the person committing the murders who also is also the assumed head of the family. If Kinzo is a alive, then him or someone making decisions for/as him. If not, then the person pretending to be him. That the title “Beatrice” is given to the head of the family during the game is my basis of that.

  10. This was a very good episode. I can see why some people say the beginning of EP4 drags, but so far the anime has done a good job. Lol’ed at Witch Hunt.

  11. I don’t know about that, for me it came across as if Bernkastel had kept Ange out of the loop, but this revelation doesn’t make for a direct contradiction. In fact, in retrospect it would have made sense for Ange to reach that conclusion on her own.

  12. This episode was very good. I enjoyed the sceen with Maria, Beato, Virgilia and Sakutaro… However,one thing I really didn’t like was how they did that one scene with Rosa and Maria. In the VN, Rosa slapped Maria for picking up that paper and she didn’t apologize until she read a letter from Maria that said “Let’s share our happiness”

  13. this episode was enjoyable. i was unaware that maria was a witch so it helped me understand some more. im loving her witch costume but why does she have eva-beatrice’s staff? does anyone actually know?

  14. I see so if Mammon is still Beato’s furniture… won’t Mammon betray Ange and can hurt her? This due to the fact that she belongs to Beatrice not Ange.

  15. @Kei-kun:
    Well Kei I believe that the reason Maria has the staff is because it was originally hers not eva’s. Maria is the witch of origins but is also an Apprentice! so in this way.. Eva-Beatrice was also an Apprentice so she used the same staff.

    Ange is the last “Beatrice” in 1998. This was done when Eva passed the succession onto her and Bernkiastel approved her. When Ange was able to summon Mammon and the others with the help of Maria, they became her furniture/friends.

  16. @Camicos-
    I don’t think Bern lied at all. She meerly omitted part of the truth. Its true, that if battler wins, she’ll get her family back. However the her that wants her family back will no longer exist. She’d have to sacrifice herself to save herself that pain of speration.

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