To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 7

November 14, 2009

railgun07The members of Judgment have been very busy with all of the graviton incidents, meaning that Kuroko and Uiharu have had little time for their friends. Saten in particular feels left out because of her own lack of abilities, and she jokes to Mikoto about using the urban legend Level Upper which supposedly increases ability levels. Seeing Saten like this, Mikoto suggests that all four of them go shopping together, but she finds out later that Kuroko is still too busy to come.Nevertheless, Mikoto, Saten, and Uiharu go out together, and unbeknownst to them, Uiharu’s Judgment armband is spotted by a certain someone who is constantly getting bullied and holds a grudge against Judgment members. Inside a store, Mikoto runs into Touma who is helping a little girl around, and the two part ways without any major incident. A short while later, Uiharu gets a phone call from Kuroko warning her that the next incident will be taking place at the store she’s currently at, so she and the others begin evacuating everyone. They succeed in doing so, but Mikoto runs into Touma again, and he’s lost sight of the little girl, so the two go back inside.

The pair arrives just as the little girl is passing to Uiharu a stuffed animal that was given to her by a guy with glasses. Realizing that something is wrong with it, Uiharu tosses the stuffed animal aside and tries to protect the little girl while Mikoto springs into action and attempts to use her railgun against it. Unfortunately, Mikoto fumbles the coin she was going to use, and an explosion envelops the area. Believing that he was successful, the culprit slinks off, happy with his success and power. Mikoto, however, had survived and now finds this culprit in an alleyway. She counters his power with her railgun, and when he starts yelling about the evils of people with power, she punches him. Kuroko arrives soon after and explains to the guy that even Mikoto started out as a Level 1 and had to put in a lot of work to get to Level 5. In the aftermath, Kuroko goes up to the scene of the explosion, and even though everyone thinks that Mikoto saved the day, Kuroko is confused at how Mikoto’s power protected the others. What Mikoto doesn’t tell anyone is that she wasn’t able to do anything back then, and it was actually Touma who had stepped in and used his right arm. When she runs into him again, she suggests that he could be known as hero, but Touma doesn’t care about anything like that as long as everyone is safe.



  1. Yay now we getting somewhere interesting, more Touma and Mikoto plzz

  2. the bomb was part of the guy’s power so touma can stop it. i think.

    anyway biribiri was full of awesomeness today as always.

  3. So, if someone with a gun shot a few rounds at Touma, he’d be screwed (full of holes, dead) since it’s a normal weapon–no magic, psychic or divine ability was used. Good to hear that his weakness is being human, after all.

  4. Wow, another nice episode. Even though I read the manga beforehand, its still impressive and interesting to watch haha. I’m just curious that although the kanji in the preview is “Imagine Breaker”, the katakana is “Level Upper” Hm… puzzling. Or am I just interpreting it wrongly?

  5. Well, anything directly caused by psychic and magic powers are negated by Imagine Breaker. That’s why even convection currents from Styl’s fire powers in Index doesn’t even burn him when it’s supposed to. It takes indirect damage from supernatural powers, or pure physical attack, to bypass Imagine Breaker. Meaning, blowing up a city block to collapse the building on Touma with Graviton would work, but a direct Graviton explosion is not going to leave a mark.

  6. I always found Touma’s power to be portrayed irregularly in Index and Railgun.

    Take Mikoto’s railgun move with a coin – Touma may be able to dissipate the electricity on the coin or whatever, but the coin is still a piece of metal travelling at mach speeds and so would surely still kill him. The same with the blast from this episode.

    I guess you’ll have to take everything with a pinch of salt and suspend your disbelief a little more.

    Still, Touma annoys me however long his appearances are…

  7. Personally, I love the idea that Touma had very little of a role in this ep. It makes he seem much more hero’sique. As should the hero of the film’s role should be.

  8. Touma is so badass. He gets to use super auras and punch people.

  9. Touma is the man, nuff’ said. Misaka fumbles her precious coin, Touma sighs and then saves the day. In the world of To Aru, Imagine Breaker is pure hax.

  10. Instead of thinking of all the cool ways to kill Touma, recall from the first ep of index he was running from a bunch of bullies… he’s as human as it gets when it comes to fighting like a man.

    It’s an anime, toss some suppression of disbelief here.

  11. Now why can’t Touma be more GAR and less preachy like this in Index? He does have the potential to be a better likable main character if he were more like this.

    That said, the Touma we’re seeing now is the one before he lost his memories prior to his ordeals with Index.

    Both Index and Railgun are written by Kamachi Kazuma, though maybe as a visual medium, the Railgun manga performs better with less words, and there’s not much hassle when adapted into an anime. OTOH, for the Index novels, being a words medium, tends to get long-winded due to all the explanation, and suffers when adapted into anime.

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