Aoi Bungaku Series Episode 6

November 16, 2009

So Shigemaru goes to the city with that girl, kills people around so she can collect their heads, play with them up to kissing them,and not only that that girl makes the heads kiss each other and has room full of them. To me looks disturbing and was it even part of the story of this person who wrote it?The little girl with glasses survives all that and the boar is still kept around….O_o why is the boar still there. So in the end Shigemaru gets illusion by the Sakuras to think that girl from the city is a evil ghost and kills her by strangulation, so I suppose this is where the problem starts because her body decomposes into the Sakura’s ground where those tree grow. You must be pretty sick to kill for a girl so she can play with the dead heads. If it was me, I would make the city girl listen to me a lot more than Shigemaru could.

Wow, he killed other wives over the pretty girl. (except for a girl with glasses, apparently she’s his daughter or something)

She requested him for going to the capital. He told her to wait three more days for cherry blossom to bloom.

He really went and lived there. lol @ his imagination of how that old woman sensed the dead husband? Or smell of countryman and he escaped by caught by other youngster who used cellphone!! (really not match with the time)

The thing he realized, town people are noisier compared to the creatures on the mountain.

When he came back, that pretty girl came to assassin him! She really wants him to be dead, but he won. Her personality is so different from how she looks. She wants him to get something back through killing, but he always didn’t, so she wants to kill him?

He really got two heads for his wife so she can play them. She requested for more heads. He did.

One day he refused for her request to get more head because there’s no end. He decided to return to mountain. She tried to get hold of him and said she’s going to go to the mountain with him. When they arrived to cherry blossom, he saw her as a ghost (the words say that he realized that she’s a ghost) and killed her. Then the dead body somehow became himself. The dead body dissolved as cherry blossom.

next ep… new story with summer theme.


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