11Eyes Episode 7

November 17, 2009


For those who need a trip down memory lane on what yanderes are capable of, I direct you to our “wonderful” high school harem anime School Days. While Yuka’s still in the early stages of tearing up her Penzou-san bag, pass the girl one of Yukiko’s knives and she could be well on her way to Kotonoha’s level.But seriously speaking, I don’t need to see that here, nor do I want to. What happened to my good ‘ol wholesome high school students battling evil monsters in a strange world (eroge) anime? I’ve been pretty content with that so far (along with the occasional Misuzu stripping down scene). This has been a “no hacksaw decapitation” zone and I’d like to keep things that way if possible.

Anyway, there was actually a fair bit happening this week in the ongoing Red Night — Yuka’s awakening (in more ways than one) was just the icing on the cake. During everyone’s frantic search for Yuka, we learned about Takahisa’s crush on Yukiko officially, heard more of Yukiko’s murderous past in Dransvania, witnessed the death of Scholastica (the piece of Acedia that broke off last time) at the hands of Shiori, were shown how Superbia has both the knowledge and techniques of the Kusakabe family, and saw Invidia bite the dust as well. As for the brief demonstration of Yuka’s newly awakened ability, soon to be referred to as 「栄光の手」 (Eikou no Te) a.k.a. “Hand of Glory”, it can’t seem to differentiate between friend and foe. Apparently there’s more to her ability than meets the eye, but its ability to negate the power of others is all we’re left with for now.

What I found more intriguing though is the mysterious appearance of Shiori in the Red Night and how they hinted at Superbia being a former Kusakabe onmyouji. i.e. The exiled Misao mentioned back in episode three. As I discussed back then, the thought did occur to me after the Black Knights hinted at being human before, so it’s nice to know that it pays to take notice of the signs along the way. At the very least, it should make the screenwriters happy about how well they’ve let the story unfold. In terms of flashbacks, we’re also given a glimpse into more of Velad’s history. This time, we’re shown a tearful and vengeful girl named Lieselotte, who unsurprisingly resembles the Lisette trying to escape her crystal prison. Coincidence? I think not, especially when the credits don’t list a separate seiyuu for her.

Finally, I found it a bit odd that Kakeru was shocked that Kukuri may have written the note saying he’s the one that woke up the demons. It doesn’t seem like Kukuri has any bad intentions, so that scene was far from being any sort of a cliffhanger for me. It was more like, “Yeah Kakeru, she does have a better grasp of the situation than you. So does everyone else for that matter.” What he should be more concerned about is Yuka. Her eyes look like she can kill anyone without a second thought.


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