Kimi ni Todoke Episode 7

November 19, 2009


Things start off pretty precariously with a phone call from Yoshida out of the blue. Having missed a previous opportunity to eat out with Sawako, Yoshida invites her out for a second attempt at eating some touted ramen. Naturally, Sawako’s parents are overjoyed at the thought of their lonely daughter going out with some friends, so off she goes to Ryuu’s family run ramen shop/house. One delicious bowl of miso ramen later (with egg and all! *drool*), Yoshida takes Sawako and Yano upstairs to Ryuu’s room and makes herself at home. There, they discuss Yano’s adult-like relationships, Yoshida and Sawako’s lack thereof, and Yoshida and Ryuu’s sibling-like relationship, before deciding to get Sawako to call over the ultimate of ultimate rejuvenating individuals, Kazehaya. However, this is done with Ryuu’s phone for Yoshida’s entertainment, which has Kazehaya scampering about like a flustered little boy at the sound of Sawako’s voice.

While Mr. Refreshing zips on over, Sawako gets a glimpse of Ryuu’s middle school photo album and learns that Kazehaya was big on baseball before, but opted not to play in high school. When they come across Kurumizawa Ume’s picture, the talk quickly drifts over to girls and how she’s not Ryuu’s type, but Sawako is surprisingly alright in his books. One earth-shattering moment later, Yoshida and Yano quickly pick up on the fact that Sawako likes Kazehaya. After Kazehaya arrives, Yano notices the feeling is mutual and uses the opportunity to entertain herself to no end. Pin later storms in, disrupting the good ‘ol high school teasing. As it turns out, he was coached in little league by Kazehaya’s father and he’s quite the regular at Ryuu’s ramen shop too. Their crazy teacher then misunderstands Sawako as someone who can rid him of the little men that haunt him, causing Kazehaya’s boyish jealousy to quickly surface. Sawako however doesn’t mind one bit, since she’s so happy about hanging out with friends. When everyone finally heads home, Kazehaya chooses to accompany Sawako by using a convenience store run as an excuse, whereas Ryuu is quick to notice that Yoshida did all this to let him know they’ve reconciled with Sawako.

This episode was so amusing to me because it was basically a page right out of my high school days. It had everything from guessing who likes who to going through old yearbooks. In the process, you usually come across one or two friends who wear their feelings on their sleeve. Here, it happened to be Sawako and Kazehaya. The fun that Yano had with hugging Sawako and making Kazehaya envious was something I’ve seen happen all too often. It’s childish and dumb, but hey, that’s high school for you. In a way, the near-perfect high school depiction was almost scary, but I could simply laugh it off thinking, “oh man, I used to do such stupid things before.” If you’re wondering where I fit into all this during my teenage years, I was pretty much like Ryuu. I’d hang out with everyone, but be pretty indifferent to all the petty/friendly teasing going on. You know, it’s how we cool, calm, and composed guys roll… yep yep. (Sarcasm heavily intended.)

Aside from that, I actually liked the prevailent use of silly flat faces this time around. While the thought of them being used as time-saving measures crossed my mind, it seemed more intentional than anything else. The faces brought out all the silly high school behaviour a lot better, which unquestionably added to my personal enjoyment. Overall, an awesome episode that’s a nice change from all the high school melodrama. The latter is good as well, but I loved the change of gears here. Great stuff!


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