To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 8

November 20, 2009

Kazari has come down with a cold and Ruiko is feeling a little down, particularly concerning her low level. Meanwhile, Mikoto and Kuroko ponder how the Level 2 Hatsuya had powers compareable to a Level 4. After getting some crushed ice drinks, they are joined by Ruiko, and the three of them later go to see Kazari.Mikoto gets Ruiko to tell Kuroko what she knows about the Level Upper which, given the recent cases, seems to be more than a mere rumor. After looking up a forum, Mikoto goes to a restaurant to meet some of the apparent users, putting on a cutesy act to get some information. Once she manages to convince them to take the conversation somewhere else, she drops the act, and despite the users having used Level Upper, they are still weak in comparison to Mikoto. She is then attacked by the gang’s boss, who uses an ability called Flux-Coat to change the viscosity of the ground.

She demands to be taken seriously, which Mikoto responds with a strong attack that causes a blackout. The next day, Hatsuya falls unconscious, along with other suspected Level Upper users. To look into the matter, the doctor calls the researcher Mikoto had previously met, Harumi Kiyama. Meanwhile, Ruiko looks for some music and stumbles upon a hidden link, leading to a track entitled “Level Upper”.


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