Letter Bee Episode 8

November 21, 2009

While still formulaic, this show has just gotten an a bit more interesting. We’re still in the formula of “Lag meets someone related to the plot, Lag cries, lag tries to save”, but the plot in question has gotten quite a bit more interesting now, and this episode did well in exploring it. Right now, this series’ biggest enemy is cheese. This episode kept it within bounds and even Lag’s crying felt genuine, but that was because it was simply building up. The next episode is going to have to put in some real effort in preventing this episode from going down the same route as episode 6. That plot definitely has potential, and I like the subtle ties that are created between the different characters (that blond-haired office Bee turns out to be a former friend of Gauche, for example).

What stood out in this episode were Nichi’s weird antics again. I’m not sure what’s up with her, but she constantly manages to amuse me, even when she’s supposed to stay in the background while Lag is talking to someone. It’s not much, but it’s things like these that keep me from getting bored during the more quiet parts of this series.


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