11eyes Episode 8

November 25, 2009


Surprisingly, this is probably the first episode that didn’t involve the Red Night at all, yet it managed to be the biggest head turner. It was one shocking occurrence after another, with some being slightly predictable and some being completely unforeseen.For the most part, it was a recuperation day for all the characters after the previous extended Red Night, where only Avaritia and Superbia remain. As one of the two remaining Black Knights, Superbia takes it upon herself to take care of things. In the normal world, Kakeru confronts Kukuri about the message saying he awakened the demons and is suspicious of her intentions, but simply begs her to leave Yuka out of it. He leaves without giving her a chance to respond, unaware that Kukuri was trying to find the page that says she has no memories of her past.

Meanwhile, Yukiko is dwelling on the fact that she inadvertently injured Kakeru last time, and explains to Takahisa how she’s happy to have friends again even though she swore to never get attached to others anymore. Her memories of having all her loved ones killed before her led her to a life of solitude, but she tells Takahisa that he’s no longer alone either (i.e. Saiko). Elsewhere, Misuzu is still troubled by the whole Red Night/fragment stuff and has set up a barrier around her home as a safety precaution. The main reason for this is her realization that Superbia is the exiled Kusakabe Misao from 70 years ago, who’s likely stayed alive all this time in the time-distorted Red Night. She tells Kakeru of this and explains how she’s powerless to defeat her, so she gets him to drink her blood to obtain the Kusakabe powers. While Kakeru is able to obtain some of Misuzu’s power this way, Yuka oversees this and misunderstands things, leading her messed up mind to lick Misuzu’s wound later on.

At school, Shiori notices a crow that’s spying on her and takes it out, making her realize she can’t avoid getting dragged into things now. Takahisa on the other hand manages to comfort Yukiko in return for earlier by offering to be the new person that gives her encouragement in life, much like Saiko has for him. Back at Misuzu’s place, Kakeru takes care of the troubled Yuka and checks upstairs after overhearing a noise. There, he’s briefly attacked by Shiori, who introduces herself as “Ursula of the Bookshelf” 「書架のウルスラ」 from the Index Librorum Prohibitorum before reiterating that Kakeru’s the one who awakened the demons. Back at school, Takahisa invites Yukiko to a yakiniku feast with Saiko, but finds her tied upside-down and impaled in the nurse’s room along with a waiting Superbia.


First off, I love how they transitioned into the ending theme after Shiroi shocked Kakeru with the whole “awakened the demons” line. That abrupt start to the song had way more impact than the way they usually ease into it. Following that up with what happened to Saiko post-credits made it all even crazier. The sight of her lifeless body strung upside-down made me think that this was some grotesque horror anime. As such, that was undoubtedly the biggest shocker of the episode, but it didn’t take away from some of the other less surprising things I’ve been waiting to see.

After episode five glossed over Kukuri’s introduction, I’ve been patiently waiting to hear how she’s connected to Kakeru’s deceased sister. The most obvious assumption is that she is his actual sister given all the indications (name, appearance, Abraxus chain), but the subject wasn’t brought up again in the last two episodes. Seeing as this has been on my mind ever since the opening scene in episode one, I was a bit disappointed to say the least. Well eight episodes later, they finally throw me a bone with Kukuri’s memory loss, which isn’t much but I’ll take anything at this point.

Other than that, there’s Kusakabe Misao as Superbia and Shiori as Ursula. Neither of these are much of a surprise anymore after how obvious they made it last episode, aside from Shiroi’s real name and organization (which the bible she carries gives away anyway). However, the preview does answer my question on who the girl in the ending sequence is. What I’d like to learn more about now is the connection between Lisette and Lieselotte, who’s looking very Suigintou-like with that white hair and black dress.

As for Yuka, people have been saying she’s more dorodere (gentle and loving to disturbed and troubled) than yandere (gentle and loving to psychotic and murderous). That definitely seems to be the case for now, but I still find her creepy when it doesn’t take much for a dorodere to cross that fine line and become a full-fledged yandere. This licking Misuzu’s wounds just because Kakeru did business is pretty messed up in my books!


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