Kampfer Episode 9

November 27, 2009

What starts off as an overnight theme park date between Natsuru and Akane quickly becomes a party when Shizuku and Mikoto join in as well. Naturally, Akane’s annoyed about them crashing her date and ends up ignoring Natsuru, but he doesn’t mind one bit when he finds out Kaede’s here.At the water park, Natsuru gawks at Kaede’s swimsuit and ignores everyone else’s, frustrating the hell out of Akane and Mikoto. He later admits that only seeing Kaede’s swimsuit fall off would do something for him, but his confidence is quickly shaken when Shizuku shows everyone how close she is to him. This makes Kaede happy since she’d rather have him go out with Shizuku than the female Natsuru, who shows up shortly after at Shizuku’s request. As his female self, Natsuru’s embarrassed about being practically naked in a girl’s swimsuit, but Kaede and Akane love every angle of it. When Kaede asks Natsuru to teach her how to swim, talk about his male self comes up and she relentlessly calls him a dull and dense individual, leaving him completely dejected and on the verge of tears. He somehow recovers only to become an object for Akane and Kaede to fight over.

Seeing this, Shizuku drags him away and sends him on an errand to buy stuff, during which he gets attacked by three white Kampfer who introduce themselves as Minagawa Hitomi (Minagawa Junko), Nakao Sayaka (Nakao Eri), and Yamakawa Ryouka (Yamakawa Kotomi). They know of his true identity and claim this is payback for Rika, but also reveal that he’s an important individual and that they’re acting in accordance to the Moderator’s wishes. Natsuru recognizes them all from earlier but discussion falls short when Akane and Shizuku arrive as backup — the latter of which used Natsuru as bait to draw the white Kampfer out. Not enjoying Akane and Natsuru’s arguing nor looking forward to fighting the prez, Hitomi blinds everyone and retreats with Sayaka and Ryouka. Shizuku then decides to leave the talk about the white Kampfer for later and suggests they return to Mikoto, whom she left to “watch over” Kaede.

At the hotel later, Akane’s not pleased about Natsuru telling Kaede that his female self would be coming back for the fireworks tonight, but is quick to offer herself to him if he so desires. The Messengers than unexpectedly come out of the bath together and Natsuru is forced to wring them out to dry before heading over to Mikoto and co.’s room to hangout for a bit. There, Natsuru was hoping to talk about the white Kampfer but can’t because Kaede’s around, so Shizuku takes it upon herself to stir things up by presenting him with a drink she kissed, showing off the present she got from him, and talking about how she’s kissed him when he was sleeping on her lap AND during the culture festival. However, just to make sure everyone knows what it’s about, she goes ahead and demonstrates. Afterward, Kaede takes Natsuru outside in a hypnotized state and drags him off to the fireworks alone.


First off, kudos to HalfDemonInuyasha for pointing out that the new girls in this episode are the same ones who received zoumotsu animals from Kaede during the beauty contest in episode five . Rika was also clearly among them, but she didn’t have any lines in that episode. The rest were simply listed as “spectators” in the credits, but their seiyuu names made me curious enough to compare them to the white Kampfers’ last week. Low and behold, each of the seiyuus’ family names matched one of the Kampfers’. I found it a bit peculiar how Ueda Kana plays Ueda Rika, but evidently this is no mere coincidence. I guess this is the casting crew’s idea of a joke or something.

Anyway, I haven’t read the later chapters of the manga nor any of the light novels, so I don’t know whether or not Kaede turning out to be a Moderator is anime original material. They’ve hinted at this possibility several times before, but there was no indication whatsoever that she created Kampfers intentionally. Well now it’s pretty apparent that she has been, which means she’s been aware of Natsuru’s secret all along. I find it kind of hard to believe that Kaede’s been acting like she had no idea all this time, but it did add to the whole shocking revelation here. Like I mentioned above, I never would’ve suspected her to be so evil looking, but this sudden turn of events makes me inclined to believe that this is the anime’s way of reaching some sort of conclusion. (If you know otherwise, please feel free to fill me in.) In any case, they didn’t really explain how Kaede was able to hypnotize Natsuru at the end there, but the preview seems to indicate that Shizuku will become a victim of his entranced state. Kaede on the other hand looks like she’s now the antagonist of the series, which should make all her haters out there happy.

As for Shizuku herself, she continues to impress with her unwavering words and bold actions, which are reminiscent of Senjougahara Hitagi like some people suggested. She’s that sexy, strong, take charge type of girl that doesn’t embarrass easily and (oddly) attracts quite a fan base. The interesting thing is, Shizuku outdoes Hitagi’s way of messing with Koyomi by actually seducing Natsuru every opportunity she gets. I guess that’s why we love her right?


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