Kobato Episode 7

November 27, 2009

This week’s episode….was interesting.  And let me appologize for writing this post later than the episode came out. I have been busy. Anyways.. This episode is full of relations to the manga.. which in a way is somewhat nice. Also can you say clumbsy? Because Kobato is ultimate clumbsy/cute in this episode. We love you Kobato, keep trying your best!The whole Fujimoto in college thing. In the manga he has dropped out of school to help out Sayaka out at the nursery. Fujimoto is avoiding Takashi because he is trying to get Fujimoto to come back to school. It’s an issue that makes Sayaka feel sad and guilty. So when this entire episode was a bit X_X for me since it wasn’t truly anime original but let’s go against the manga completely. I think it made the situation much more serious and depressing to have Fujimoto not attend school. It makes him seem like less of an asshole I guess? That he has put his future on hold over a mistake someone else made and he is working himself silly trying to pay off the loan sharks. But now that he has a glimmer of hope in the anime he has lost a bit of his AWWWW poor him factor. But it is what it is. Fujimoto is in college so onward to college Kobato goes. The events leading up to the college trip were cute if not typical. Kobato arrives at the nursery and falls flat on her face. Clearly this girl is blessed by something. Most people would think she is cursed but I consider her very lucky that she hasn’t broken any bones yet after all the spills and tumbles that she takes. But she falls and fails to help out Fujimoto when he is painting some chairs. It truly is the end of the world and Kobato should be stoned for making such a mistake.
Oh but what does Fujimoto do? He leaves behind his very important school report. Without it he will flunk out of school and never becomes a lawyer and will be out on the streets!!! Okay it’s not that bad buy AHA Fujimoto! How does it feel not to be perfect all the time? So Kobato decides that she is going to take him his report so she can prove to Fujimoto she is not a failure. Now if this had been me I would have been going to show Fujimoto that he is lame and makes mistakes to but Kobato is a better person than me. Or something.


Kobato gets to the college and everything is scary and Fujimoto is nowhere in sight. Curse him not having a giant arrow on his head pointing out his general direction. There was another WTF moment for me as Kobato didn’t know what a college was. She seems to understand what it is in the manga and understands what a divorce is too. So….it was a WTF moment but I shall move on from it.

After wandering around campus like a sad kitten Kobato locates Fujimoto yelling at Takashi. Kobato runs to catch up to Fujimoto but he is already gone by the time she trips her way to the building. Takashi and Kobato meet each other and do the awkward introduction thing. It’s time to find those dragon ba….I mean it is time to look for Fujimoto. This little journey is really just a walk to show Kobato that Takashi is the best thing EVER. Two students need help with a paper no problem. A student needs Takashi to talk to a teacher BAM it happens. Takashi needs defending from Kobato’s “rant” KABOOM there it is. A kitten is almost run over by an out of control bus and Takashi saves them all!!! Takashi is the most awesomest awesome person EVER. Because no one else knows that Takashi is nice. For real! Takashi turns out to be the friend of the week and his heart needs healing. This is where I do a bit of eye rolling and REALLYS?! See apparently Taskahi was worried about what people thought of him. He first says he has a problem saying no and that being Fujimoto was better (even though he said something completely different earlier). Ioryogi later says (after Kobato has earned her Takashi candy) that he was worried about what people thought of him. YET the reason this whole entire conversation started was because Kobato told Takashi he was the most awesome person ever. Clearly Takashi is thrilled that someone thinks he is awesome. Look at how thrilled he is! At the end of the day this is me rolling my eyes. I understand that Takashi wants people to like him thus he says yes to their every request. What I don’t get is how he doesn’t know people like him? Isn’t it obvious? It’s not like Kobato thought Takashi was a nice guy because he is a nice guy. She just thought he was a nice guy because he was doing things for other people. She was being just like everyone else! Liking him because of what he did not because of who he was.


Am I reading too much into this? Probably as usual. So yeah. Not sure how Kobato healed his heart. But what I did find interesting was how she was really taking to heart this issue about being liked. Almost like she is afraid about being hated. Now I am not sure if she was talking about Fujimoto hating her or if she was talking about someone else hating her. Like from her OLD place. Maybe it was nothing but that is what I got out of it. Okay I would have said the exact same thing! Congratulations me I am Fujimoto! By the way, I am sorta on team Fujimoto in regards to helping out other students. Granted he could have worded things slightly different but that is beside the point. If everyone is so afraid of Fujimoto (as seen by the students cowering at the mere mention of his name) why should he help any of those tacos heads out? And even if he liked these people he is much too busy with his 19 jobs and ruining Kobato’s life. AND if he wasn’t too busy….sometimes it would be better if people did things on their own and didn’t rely on other people so much. So even if I called Fujimoto an asshole earlier I think he had a valid point even he didn’t know he was making a point.

At the end of the day Takashi should be help people because he wants to and not because he is concerned about being liked and Fujimoto shouldn’t be such a jerk because he would make more sense and come out a winner. And Kobato should just be Kobato because that is who she is.

A little bit of headway is made in regards of the Kobato and Fujimoto relationship. YAY SHIPPING. I would go on more about how I feel about Takashi’s issue but I need to get to bed soon so I can watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s almost turkey time ya’ll! So I shall end on….this episode was interesting. See ya next week!

Oh…and Chitose comes over to visit with Sayaka. There I mentioned it. XD


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  1. I was wondering when you were going to write about this episode. I really enjoyed the mix of manga into this episode. I must say though, anymore Fujimoto freaks me out in the anime lol. I think it is his voice or something idk. Anyways Great Episode!

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