Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 22

November 27, 2009

This episode was Insane! First off the last few episodes have been about Ange and thank heavens we are through with her!! The show has moved on and has also decided to add 2 more of the characters from the Visual Novel… Siesta OO and the Demon Gaap.


Kinzo appears at the family conference and denounces his children as being unfit to succeed him as the head of the Ushiromiya family. Deciding that his grandchildren may be more suitable successors of the family, Kinzo summons the Siesta Sisters, including Siesta OO, to select he first six sacrifices for his ceremony to revive Beatrice.

At random, the Siesta sisters fire at Natsuhi, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Rosa, and Genji. Kinzo then summons the demon Gaap(finally I was waiting for Gaap to appear in the anime!!)  who then imprisons the survivors Krauss, Kyrie, Shannon, Kanon, and Nanjo  in the dungeon of Kuwadorian.

We then return to Purgatory with Beatrice, Battler and Ange, where Beatrice acknowledges that the true First Twilight has finally begun. Afterwards, Maria has her revenge against Rosa for destroying Sakutaro by torturing her with Beatrice’s assistance.

Maria kills Rosa over and over (I call this episode Maria goes Wild.. due to her being COMPLETELY INSANE!). Maria would kill Rosa, and Beato would bring her back to life for Maria to kill again. Sakutaro never does return in the episode, but Maria does fully realizes her own potential as a witch.

Then, we see Gohda and Kumasawa, who had survived the slaughter of the Siesta’s, inform the cousins in the guesthouse about what happened when they receive a phone call from the hostages telling them to stay in the guesthouse until Kinzo makes preparations to test his grandchildren for the family headship.



  1. First of all, GAPGAPGAPGAPGAPGAPGAPGAPGAPGAP <3333 *cofcof* Anyways, I was hoping much better from the first twilight. I'm kinda disappointed with that. Same with Rosa and Maria's scene. Meh, moving forward… Siesta 00's voice was really good, I loved it. Yet, I'm still kinda down seeing Gaap looking so "cute".

  2. Very nice episode, despite being a bit rushed, I guess they’re doing this to put more focus on the future episodes, which seems to be the most important.

  3. This Episode was AMAZING!!! Rosa is such a bitch so she deserved to be killed by Maria.

  4. I’m glad we’re done with most of the Ange stuff for now, I never found it particularly interesting. Though it made the episode this week seem even better than usual.

  5. Great Episode!

  6. I think they should have cut a bit more from the Rosa and Maria scene so they could do more from the Dungeon chapter. The way that did that scene made it pretty clear it was just Maria’s dream. And they finally used miragecoordinator and I really liked it but it was too quiet. They did that scene pretty well.

  7. Overall the slaughter of the first twilight was intense as it should have been though the deaths were much faster than the novel counterparts. Still that made it look more brutal so I’ll give it a passing grade.

  8. That seems pretty brutal after 2 weeks of none-murder episodes…. Anyway, great episode, loved it when the siestas are back with their weird “data link and shoot” process:D And theres a new siesta, though she doesnt seems quite as fun as the first 2 siestas…

  9. Loved the Maria revenge scene looked as brutal as it should have even if it felt a bit shorter. I just realized they never animated the part with Sakutaro trying to lead Rosa away from that place before Maria found her. That alone gave the scene more of a purgatory feel rather than a dream like the anime

  10. Woot

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